MACCA-News: Other Concert Dates to be added - UPDATED - Feb. 20, 2003           
Other Concert Dates to be added - UPDATED         #1040
Feb 20, 2003  By Mike Kovacich          
UPDATE: The official tour promoter, Marshall-Arts has confirmed these shows and has added these dates to the tour listing:
  • April 1st - Antwerp Belgium

  • May 2nd - Copenhagen, Denmark

  • May 5th - Stockholm, Sweden
I'm sure we will get later announcements of additions shows added on to the tour. Thanks to Wouter Demuyt who confirmed he already bought his ticket for the Belgium show.

Also I'd like to thank David Trouba for translating from Swedish to English and said I got the important stuff right at least :) Stay tuned to MACCA-News for all the latest.

On Tuesday we got the official announcement of the begining of 'BACK IN THE WORLD' but what of other rumored concerts like Belgium, Italy, Australia, Sweden and Denmark?

I've been getting in various reports one confirming Copenhagen, Denmark on May 2nd and Stokholm, Sweden May 5th. This website, EMA TELSTAR that is run by a Clear Channel Entertainment, clearly confirms this show and that tickets go on sale February 24th. OK, OK, I can't read Swedish but this is what I've deciphered.

Here is the link on the Danish site, you'll have to scroll to May 2nd for Paul McCartney. Thanks to Niklas in Sweden for sending me the links for both the Swedish and Danish shows.

Chaos And Creation In The Backyard
Paul McCartney
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
Paul McCartney
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
If you have attended a Paul concert or your one of the lucky ones who purchased a VIP access package, be sure to report back to MACCA-Central and send us a full report of your experience at the concert.

Your report and any images sent (photos/tickets scan) will be added to our FANfeedback section for each concert and it will also be published in MACCA-News. Be sure to include your full name for credit.