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MACCA-Concerts: Change Begins Within :: New York, USA  2009-04-04 @Radio City Music Hall - MACCA-Central, The Paul McCartney FUNsite
Change Begins Within
Sat Apr 4 2009
New York, New York USA
@ Radio City Music Hall

Change Begins Within
Band Members

Paul McCartney

Rusty Anderson

Brian Ray

Paul "Wix" Wickens

Abe Laboriel Jr.
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Press Conference with Paul and Ringo

Can't Buy Me Love

Cosmically Conscious

Lady Madonna

Can't Buy Me Love

With A Little Help From My Friends

I Saw Her Standing There

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    (1)  Drive My Car   -  (Paul on bass)
    (2)  Jet    -  (Paul on bass)
    (3)  Got To Get You Into My Life    -  (Paul on bass)
    (4)  Let It Be    -  (Paul on piano)
    (5)  Lady Madonna   -  (Paul on piano)
    (6)  Blackbird   -  (alone on stage with Martin acoustic guitar)
    (7)  Here Today   -  (Paul on Martin acoustic guitar)
    (8)  Band on the Run  -  (Paul on bass)
    (9)  Can't Buy Me Love  -  (Paul on bass)
    (10) With a Little Help From My Friends   -  (Paul on bass) with Ringo
    (11) Cosmically Conscious - with Ringo on drums
    (12) I Saw Her Standing There - with all of the artists on stage

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