Today in Beatle History
Wed, April 1st, 2015
Sat, April 1st, 1961  The Beatles perform at the Top Ten Club, Reeperbahn, Hamburg, West Germany. This is the first of 92 straight nights playing at this club, during which The Beatles will log a staggering 503 hours on stage. They play seven hours per night on weekdays, eight hours on weekends (with a 15-minute break each hour). The grueling schedule will hone their musical skills until, by the time they return to Liverpool, they will be the best band around. It is during this visit that Astrid Kirchherr will cut Stu Sutcliffe's hair into the style destined to become known as the "Beatle haircut". At first, John and the others laugh heartily at Stu's new hair style, but with the exception of Pete Best, The Beatles soon adopt the haircut themselves. Stu Sutcliffe occasionally plays on stage with The Beatles during this second Hamburg trip.
Sun, April 1st, 1962  The Beatles perform at the Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool.
Mon, April 1st, 1963  The Beatles record two radio appearances for later broadcast, both for the BBC program "Side by Side". Each week the Karl Denver Trio would host a guest group on the show, opening each show with a duet version of the song "Side by Side" sung by the Karl Denver Trio and that show's guest act. Since The Beatles recorded two programs on the same day, it was decided to record "Side by Side" only once, using the same version for both programs. For the first radio show, The Beatles record "I Saw Her Standing There", "Do You Want to Know a Secret", "Baby It's You", "Please Please Me", "From Me to You", and "Misery". That show is broadcast on April 22. The second program, which features the songs "From Me to You", "Long Tall Sally", "A Taste of Honey", "Chains", "Thank You Girl", and "Boys", is broadcast on May 13. The recordings are made in Studio One of BBC Piccadilly Studios, London.
Wed, April 1st, 1964  Filming at the Scala Theatre in London for "A Hard Day's Night".
Thu, April 1st, 1965  The Beatles are busy filming scenes for their second movie, "Eight Arms to Hold You" ("Help!" before it was renamed), at Twickenham Film Studios.
Thu, April 1st, 1965  Release in Sweden of Beatles LP "The Beatles' Greatest Hits" (Parlophone). A special Swedish release.
Sat, April 1st, 1967  The Beatles in the recording studio (Studio One, EMI Studios, London). Under pressure to complete "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", The Beatles record, in one night, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)". They tape nine takes of the basic rhythm track, overdub vocals, percussion, and audience sounds. The session starts at 7:00 pm and runs until 6:00 am. Take 5 of the song was released on "The Beatles Anthology 2" (Disc two, Track 12).
Wed, April 1st, 1970  Phil Spector gathers a large orchestral/choral group to record the lush orchestration for "The Long and Winding Road" and "Across the Universe" (in Studio One of EMI Studios, London). During the session, Spector manages to anger just about everyone there. Ringo Starr, the only Beatle in attendance at this last recording session for a Beatles record (discounting the latter-day "Anthology" recordings using John Lennon demo tapes), manages to keep things moving, and he plays drums during the recording session.