Today in Beatle History
Mon, November 23rd, 2020
Sat, November 23rd, 1957  The Quarry Men perform at New Clubmoor Hall, Norris Green, Liverpool. A return engagement at the Conservative Club.
Wed, November 23rd, 1960  The Beatles perform at the Kaiserkeller Club, Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, West Germany.
Thu, November 23rd, 1961  The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club - a lunchtime show.
Fri, November 23rd, 1962  The Beatles travel to St. James' Church Hall, London, for a ten-minute audition with BBC Television. The audition came about when a Beatles fan, David Smith of Preston, wrote to the BBC and asked that The Beatles be featured on BBC television. Assuming that Smith was The Beatles' manager, BBC wrote back to him, offering The Beatles an audition on November 6. Smith brought this letter to NEMS Enterprises, and Clive Epstein (Brian's brother) arranged for the Nov. 23 audition. Four days later, Brian Epstein received a polite "thumbs-down" letter from the BBC, and he realized that The Beatles would need to score a #1 hit before they had a real chance of making their BBC television debut. After the audition, The Beatles had to hurry home for their scheduled performance that night.
Fri, November 23rd, 1962  The Beatles, back from their mid-day audition in London with BBC Television, perform at the Tower Ballroom, New Brighton, Wallasey, for the 12th annual Lancashire and Cheshire Arts Ball, an event to aid a children's charity. Also appearing are Billy Kramer & the Coasters (later known as Billy J. Kramer with the Dakotas), the Llew Hird Jazz Band, and the Clan McCleod Pipe Band.
Sat, November 23rd, 1963  The Beatles, on a tour of Britain, perform two shows at City Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Mon, November 23rd, 1964  US release of double LP "The Beatles Story" (Capitol). Documentary album with mostly narrative, a few interviews, and a very brief clip of "Twist and Shout" from the August 23 concert at the Hollywood Bowl. 17 weeks on Billboard chart; highest position #7.
Mon, November 23rd, 1964  US release of Beatles single "I Feel Fine/She's a Woman" (Capitol). 11 weeks on Billboard chart; highest position #1.
Mon, November 23rd, 1964  The Beatles tape an appearance for the television program "Ready, Steady, Go!" They lip-sync to their songs "I Feel Fine", "She's a Woman", "Baby's in Black", and "Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey". They also give an interview with host Keith Fordyce. Recorded at Wembley Studios, Wembley. Broadcast on November 27.
Tue, November 23rd, 1965  The Beatles, at Twickenham Film Studios, shoot 10 black and white promo films for 5 songs (9 of which will eventually be broadcast on television), miming to "We Can Work It Out", "Day Tripper", "Help!", "Ticket to Ride", and "I Feel Fine". Three versions of "We Can Work It Out" are filmed, all featuring John sitting at an organ, one opening with a photo of John with a sunflower over one eye, and one with The Beatles wearing their "Shea Stadium" suits. Three versions of "Day Tripper" are shot, while one version each of "Help!" and "Ticket to Ride" are filmed. Two versions of "I Feel Fine" are done. Many of the promo clips will be broadcast on "Top of the Pops" and "Thank Your Lucky Stars" in the UK, and one film each of "We Can Work It Out" and "Day Tripper" will be shown on the US television program "Hullabaloo" (January 3, 1966).
Thu, November 23rd, 1967  The British television show "Top of the Pops" broadcasts The Beatles' "Hello Goodbye". However, since the UK Musician's Union had instituted a ban on lip-sync performances, the "Hello Goodbye" film promos that The Beatles had recorded at the Saville Theatre on November 10 could not be used. So "Top of the Pops" broadcasts a film clip from "A Hard Day's Night" as the song "Hello Goodbye" is played. To put it mildly, The Beatles are annoyed.
Sat, November 23rd, 1968  "Hey Jude" is the #1 single in the US for the ninth week in a row. This is its last week at #1.
Mon, November 23rd, 1987  UK re-release of Beatles single "Hello Goodbye/I Am the Walrus" (Parlophone). 20th anniversary reissue. Released as a regular single and also as a picture disc.
Thu, November 23rd, 2000  The Beatles' compilation album "1" hits number one on the music charts of 19 countries in its first week of release. Included among those countries are the UK, US, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and Venezuela. This beats The Beatles' previous record of topping the charts in 10 countries within the first week of release of their November 1995 album "The Beatles Anthology 1". During the past week 750,000 copies of "1" were sold in Japan; 595,000 copies were sold in the US (second to the 855,500 copies of "Anthology 1" sold during its first week); and 313,000 copies were sold in the UK, making "1" the fastest-selling album of the year. This degree of success was somewhat unexpected since the album consists of a collection of The Beatles' number one singles, all originally released between 1962 and 1970. US sales were more than double initial projections; "1" becomes The Beatles' 19th album to top US charts. US sales were undoubtedly boosted by the November 17 broadcast of a television special covering The Beatles' career, "The Beatles Revolution", which was shown on ABC-TV and which attracted an estimated 8.7 million viewers. The album "1" was advertised heavily during the broadcast. The TV special, a joint production of ABC-TV and the cable channel VH1, will be re-broadcast this evening on VH1. Additional interest was generated by the opening of The Beatles' first official website, "", on November 13 and the release of the book "The Beatles Anthology" on October 5. The surviving Beatles' reaction to the success of "1"? According to a spokesman, they are "dead chuffed".
Thu, November 23rd, 2000  US cable channel VH1 re-broadcasts a 2-hour television special, "The Beatles Revolution", about the career of The Beatles and their impact upon world music and culture. Among those who were interviewed for the special and whose comments are included are Eric Idle, Keith Richards, Pete Townshend, Lenny Kravitz, Sting, and Mike Meyers. The show, a joint production between VH1 and ABC-TV, was originally broadcast by ABC on November 17. VH1 is scheduled to broadcast "The Beatles Revolution" again on November 25. Following tonight's showing is a one-hour installment in VH1's "Legend" series about John Lennon, and that is followed by a one-hour installment in VH1's "Behind the Music" series about Julian Lennon.