Today in Beatle History
Fri, September 4th, 2015
Sun, September 4th, 1960  The Beatles perform at the Indra Club, Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, West Germany.
Tue, September 4th, 1962  The Beatles' first formal recording session at EMI's Abbey Road studios. George Martin did not consider any of the recordings from June 6 to be good enough for commercial release, so he called The Beatles back into the studio to try again. They rehearse six songs, including "Love Me Do" and "Please Please Me", and two of the songs are picked for recording: "Love Me Do" and Mitch Murray's song "How Do You Do It". The Beatles are unhappy with recording Murray's song, which they had rearranged from the original demo that George Martin had sent them. However, Martin is insistent, and they do record the song. An unknown number of takes of "How Do You Do It" are recorded, but over 15 takes of "Love Me Do", with Ringo Starr drumming, are taped. Mitch Murray is notified the next day that his song will be released by The Beatles, but he will be told later that things have changed (when "Love Me Do" and then "Please Please Me" are chosen over "How Do You Do It"). The song will eventually be given to Gerry & the Pacemakers, who will use The Beatles' arrangement in their recording of it, and they will reach #1 on the charts with it. The Beatles' recording of "How Do You Do It" is included on "The Beatles Anthology 1" (Disc 1, Track 23).
Wed, September 4th, 1963  The Beatles perform at the Gaumont Cinema in Worcester. Their fee is 250 pounds.
Fri, September 4th, 1964  The Beatles, on tour in the USA, perform at Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Sat, September 4th, 1965  "Help!" becomes the #1 single in the US (Billboard).
Wed, September 4th, 1968  The Beatles are at Twickenham Film Studios to tape promotional videos for "Hey Jude" and "Revolution". The vocals are recorded live over the pre-recorded instrumental tracks to circumvent the British Musicians Union ban on lip-sync performances. Michael Lindsay-Hogg directs the filming (he'd directed the "Paperback Writer" and "Rain" videos). Four color video clips are created, two each for "Hey Jude" and "Revolution". For "Hey Jude", The Beatles are accompanied by a 36-piece orchestra and 300 fans and other assorted extras who join in singing the long refrain. "Hey Jude" is broadcast on September 8 for UK television, in black and white, on the ITV program "Frost on Sunday". It is re-shown on "Top of the Pops", twice (Sept. 12 and 26). It is broadcast again on December 26, for "Top of the Pops '68". "Revolution" is only shown once in the UK, on the Sept. 19 edition of "Top of the Pops". In the US, "Hey Jude" is broadcast on October 6 and "Revolution" is broadcast on October 13 (both in color and both on "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour").
Mon, September 4th, 1989  UK re-release of Beatles singles on 3-inch CD: "Let It Be/You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)" and "Something/Come Together" (EMI).