Today in Beatle History
Wed, February 10th, 2016
Fri, February 10th, 1961  The Beatles perform at Aintree Institute, Aintree, Liverpool, and at Lathom Hall, Seaforth, Liverpool.
Sat, February 10th, 1962  The Beatles perform at the Youth Club, St. Paul's Presbyterian Church Hall, Tranmere, Birkenhead, Cheshire.
Mon, February 10th, 1964  The Beatles hold a press conference at the Plaza Hotel in New York.
Fri, February 10th, 1967  The Beatles in the recording studio (Studio One, EMI Studios, London). Recording of the orchestral build-up for the middle and end of "A Day in the Life". The crashing piano chord ending has not yet been created. At this point, the Beatles record a long vocal "hummmmmmmmmmm" as the ending. The piano ending will replace it on February 22. The orchestra members have, at the Beatles' request, worn full evening dress along with novelty items. One violinist wears a red clown's nose, while another wears a fake gorilla's paw on his bow hand. Others are wearing funny hats and/or other assorted "carnival novelt[ies]". The proceedings were filmed for a possible "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" television special which was ultimately abandoned. "The Beatles Anthology 2" contains a composite mix made up of several outtakes of "A Day in the Life" (Disc two, Track 5).