What bass he using besides hofner

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What bass he using besides hofner

Postby Chris Speers » Wed Apr 03, 2002 10:09 pm

For the Wings stuff, he needs a heavier bass. In 1989, he used a bigger bulkier bass for flowers in dirt stuff. Anybody know what he's doing - i don't think his jet or band on the run songs deserve a flyweight bass like the Hofner
Chris Speers
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Postby Macca-Tokyo4114 » Wed Apr 03, 2002 11:24 pm

I completely agree with you!
When playing the Wings songs he should be on Rickenbacker!!
We hope that he use bass guitar depends on when he write the songs.
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Postby constv » Thu Apr 04, 2002 3:24 pm

There was a great article in the Bass Player magazine a few years back (95? - anyone remember?) on McCartney's bass playing evolution. A big part of the article was excerpts from interviews with Paul. He described how and when he adopted the Rickenbacker, and later a 5-string bass, which songs he used different instruments for... He said that the Hoffner was a very light bass that felt a lot like a regular guitar, which alowed him to do a few cool tricks. The heftier instruments required different playing techniques... interesting stuff. You can probably still find the article on the Internet... I noticed in 93 (his last world tour) that he was using different guitars for differnt songs. Hamish Stuart played the bass on some of the songs, and I think he always used the same bulky one, possibly a Rickenbacker...
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Postby Brains » Thu Apr 04, 2002 4:16 pm

That bigger bass he used in 89 was a Wal 5-string bass. He used it on Free As a Bird as well.

I hope he takes his Rickenbacker along... That one looks so cool...

I think his best work was done on the Rickenbacker. Listen to Wings Over America, you'll now what I mean (Rock Show, Medicine Jar, Soily)
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Postby Len » Sat Apr 06, 2002 6:10 pm

Yeah, and let's not forget that incredible version of Time To Hide. Man, I love the bass sound on that!

I play a violin bass myself, and it IS extremely light-weight. Not only does it weigh less than your regular bass, but the neck is also shorter and the frets and the strings are closer together. It allows you to play really fast loops and riffs without putting too much strain on your fingers.

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