A few posts that were saved from the DR tour

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A few posts that were saved from the DR tour

Postby Steve-o » Tue Aug 13, 2002 9:55 pm

I saved this exchange (I know--I have no life), but it's a neat story, and it got hacked back in late April-early May
From PURRCAFE@Earthlink.net All posts were from April 30....

"I want to tell everyone here what happened to my wife and I at the first of Paul's two shows at Madison Square Garden. We arrived at the show and went to find our seats, which were literally the worst in the house. We were in the last row of the arena, on the side, so we couldn't even get a good view of the video screen above the stage. Oh well. We settled in and were just talking waiting for the show to start when a man and woman approached us and asked if we would be interested in a ticket upgrade. We said, "of course," and asked if this was a radio station promotion. The woman said, "no, he works for Paul," and pointed at the guy with her." She went on to explain that we would be trading in our tickets for FRONT ROW SEATS , that this was just something that Paul liked to do, and that the only stipulation was that we really get into the show, because Paul likes for people to be involved. Well, we agreed to that, and had a great time! The show was flawless. The material was great, the performances were really on, and Paul was obviously really into playing. We saw Howard Stern sitting kind of near us, and when he spoke about the show yesterday my wife called in to say how nice this was of Paul and what a great time we had. So, finally I would like to say "thank you," to Paul for his generosity and to his employees who picked us out of the crowd. We'll definitely never forget what a great time we had!!!"

The next post, I didnt copy who it was from...

"I loved the tributes that paul does in concert to john and george. I was just wondering why he didn't do one for linda. I have only seen the philly show, so if he has done them at other shows,I'd be pleased to hear that. That was really the only sour note to an otherwise pitch perfect performance."

My reply...and i'm glad I saved my first impressions from the show....

"He DOES do one for Linda. "This one's for Linda"--then launches into "My Love". Was at the amazing Cleveland show last night---WOW. Best of the 3 times I've seen him so far. Got in early (Still behind the gates, but in the lobby of Gund)--got to see a good bit (heard it ALL) of the sound check (When the cutain cops weren't closing the black curtain). Interesting that he does Calico Skies and Midnight Special---the only two of the 7 or 8 songs during the sound check that he doesn't do in the current show. It's 2 pm the next day, and I'm still flying. 70 year olds holding up lighters and singing. 8 year olds singing and dancing in the aisles. A GREAT night to remember. The backing band's playing and backup singing is top flight and adds something to this show that macca's never had before. He hit most of the high notes and seemed more relaxed and at ease with the audience than ever before. I may just go to Detroit Weds night!!!"

I of course, didnt go to Detroit...but Columbus, here I come...

Sorry for the length...

Driving Rain-Best Macca Album Award Winner--Steve's Private Poll--2001/2002

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Postby scrodfish256 » Tue Aug 13, 2002 10:00 pm

I remember that one. Man those people really lucked out. At least they really appreciated it.
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