Paul's brother - Michael - Estranged?

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Paul's brother - Michael - Estranged?

Postby Chris Speers » Sun Apr 07, 2002 10:25 pm

Are they estranged? And did anybody read McCartney's book on his brother with the photographs about 2o years ago. It was a great book. I hear they are estranged and it's too bad.

Paul experience the pain of seeing his father re-marry to a much younger woman in 1964 and it really pissed him off. Funny, how the worm turns??? Paul was so mad at the woman for selling his birth certificate he tried to throw her out of his father's house in Chesire.

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Postby shinestar » Mon Apr 08, 2002 12:26 am

No, Paul and Mike are not estranged; in fact, he was at Paul's poetry reading in Hay a few months ago as was the rest of the family and, of course, Heather 2.

Angela and her daughter Ruth now live in L.A. where they own/run a gift shop which I think has something to do with the Beatles. I don't know what the current relationship is between Paul and them.

As the worm turns is all too true. I'm still praying the marriage won't come off. There was something in Parade this morning about the kids' reaction to that.
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