A Poem About George Harrison ( With Love ).

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A Poem About George Harrison ( With Love ).

Postby Blue Sky » Wed May 28, 2003 5:59 pm

--------------------------- Jesus is Inside of You. ------------------------------------------

I want to tell the world of a great love, the greatest on the wings of a dove, this love I hold in my heart and my hand. It's the love of George Harrison my friend, he's gone to the trees at means - end, I tell of this love all over the land!

George Harrison had love for all, he died in the peace of the fall, he was a kind and astute gentleman. I knew him for twenty five years, my eyes become sand - washed tears, his heart was as kind as no - man.

---------------------------- Meeting George. ------------------------------------------

I met George Harrison at LAX in nineteen seventy eight, he smiled at me trying to relate, he was looking for somebody and I told him where! He was looking for Jesus Christ - - - true. I told him Jesus is INSIDE of you! I answered, answered his prayer.

He told me how to smile, your cheek and your lip all the while, explicate these dynamic two. It found me employment, my smile is full of enjoyment, your cheek and lip ( explicate ), you know who?

George was skinny, more than six feet tall, long black hair in front of it all, he had the kindest and most sincere thoughts. His karma was good, he stood as tall as he should, George had a big fat ten inch long "--."

When you meet George Harrison you feel like screaming, I hug him with all my weaning, but pretty soon you found the person inside. Loving and kind and gay. A joy to know every day. He loved everybody, like a river beside.

And as I cry right now, the tears going down my brow, I know that I don't have to cry very much. He had love everywhere, love transcended only the most fair, George's blessings were great to the touch.

--------------------------- The Times. ----------------------------------------------------------

Before, in another life, I loved George through times of strife, all was confusion and dis - order. But then I was reborne, my heart was not as torn, order out of caos, on the border.

And then George prayed for me. I was so blind I could not see. I was saved in one of the worst of stormings. It's never been the same. I hold much pride in his name. It's like being saved on every dawn and all mornings.

And then the darkness was near, the Devil's radio I did hear, the only thing left was that I loved this man! He saved my life three times so, I know life right now because of him you know, I love him ALL, all that I am!

And now for five years I've had a new home, the sunshine is what I have come to have known, I love sunshine and it's all over my face! All because of George's prayer. I've got to be good and take care. The sunshine shining all over in this place!

"Sunshine -- -- -- -- yea."

"Sunshine -- -- -- -- yea."

"Sunshine -- -- -- -- yea."

"Sunshine -- -- -- -- yea."

"Look at all this sunshine! Trippin' through my mind! All these colors I know! Changing everything in my soul! Changing the whole universe above! Changing me into love!

--------------------------------- My wishes for George. -------------------------------------------------------------

George Harrison is the reason why I'm free. Why I'm happy and alive, let it be! Why I pray and why I meditate and why I'm fed. Why I prostrate myself before my master. Why his love is ever after. It was a great love, a great love to be led.

And as the years go rolling by, George, all love is true. My love will follow, follow you. You're at and have seen means - end. I believe absolutely in your love, all your love and all love is of, it has been utter good to have known you my friend!

Have you ever been to the Yukon Wilderness so tall? Everything shines like gold, alive, in the fall. With a river and trout and means - end. With rocks and trees and streams. With cougars and deer and sunshine - means, this is where George is, it's where he IS! My friend.

And in this wilderness there are eagles and jay birds and hawks! Let the Dharma Kings keep the watch! Keep George in your wilderness long and well! Keep him in your touch. I love him very much! Make him happy, the story I tell!

And now I look deeply inside. As deep as the earth or the stars or the tide. I know that George I still love you. Bless you George you stood up tall! You saw through it all! Bless you George in all your walks, peace, true.

----------------------- Jesus is Inside of You. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

That's all! Blue Sky![:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]
Blue Sky
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Postby macca-fanna » Fri Nov 21, 2003 8:34 pm

It's great!
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Postby Berkeleyan » Mon Nov 24, 2003 10:58 am

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Postby Ghavi » Mon Nov 24, 2003 2:08 pm

Nice, very nice thanks to share.[:)]
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