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Postby Steve-o » Thu Mar 20, 2003 8:51 am

quote:Originally posted by Gastro Boy
I was disappointed with McCartney II, Pipes of Peace, Press To Play and Off the Ground. You could tell the brilliance was there on some of the songs but its like Paul didn't want to be brilliant from start to finish of an album but prove that he was just and ordinary guy by including mundane songs on his albums. Once he accepts that he is an extraordinary guy you get Flaming Pie and Driving Rain.
Erm....I think if anyone was capable of brilliance all of the time, they would provide it. To say that he "didn't want to" or included things to show he was a regular guy is kind of funny. He ALWAYS wants to be perfect, but sometimes things don't work out for the best. I like most of POP and PTP, btw. To each his own. But dont ever think the man doesn't try or aspires to be mediocre. He is human--he makes mistakes. He expects greatness. His standards are very high. He is NOT perfect.
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Postby Gastro (gone) » Thu Mar 20, 2003 8:23 pm

To each his own Steve. I still can't believe that you like POP and PTP. As hard as I try I can't help but wonder what the man was thinking when he put those two out. Even Give My Regards to Broad Street is better than those two.
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Postby dsnito » Sat Mar 22, 2003 10:18 am

quote:Originally posted by stevew628
I have to say that it's one of many of George's below standard mid-70's efforts.....Dark Horse is worse, but this one doesnt measure up to his alltime best: ATMP, George harrison, Somehwere in England and of course, Brainwashed.

Well buddy, respecting your opinion, I think Extra Torture, er... sorry, TEXTURE[:D][:o)] is not better than Dark Horse... ET to me, was the weakest album he made. It starts in a good mood, "You" is a cheery song but the rest...are so sad and depressive! But I didn´t blame George because he was in a bad period of his life you know, he separated of Patty, he was accused by plagiarism, his albums were going down on the charts...

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