What Beatles "solo" CDs do you have?

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Postby dakota » Wed Feb 26, 2003 5:12 pm


Live Peace In Toronto (DVD)
Plastic Ono Band (cassette)
Imagine - The Making of Imagine (DVD)
Sometime In NYC
Mind Games (cassette)
Walls And Bridges (cassette)
Double Fantasy (cassette)
Milk And Honey (cassette)
JL The Legend - greatest hits
Wansaponatime - hightlights
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Postby dakota » Wed Feb 26, 2003 5:18 pm


All Things Must Pass (25th anniversary edition)
Living In The Material World (cassette)
Dark Horse
Extra Texture
Cloud 9 (cassette)
Traveling Wilburys Vol 1 (cassette)
Live In Japan (cassette)
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Postby dakota » Wed Feb 26, 2003 5:19 pm


Ringo - 1973 release
Blast From Your Past - greatest hits (cassette)
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Postby Brains » Thu Feb 27, 2003 8:32 am

Wild Life
Red Rose Speedway
Band On The Run
Venus & Mars
Wings At The Speed Of Sound
Wings Over America
London Town
Back To The Egg
McCartney II
Tug Of War
Pipes Of Peace
Give My Regards To Broad Street
Press To Play
All The Best!
Flowers In The Dirt
Tripping The Live Fantastic (+ highlights [B)])
Off The Ground
Paul Is Live
Flaming Pie
Run Devil Run
Working Classical
Liverpool Sound Collage
Driving Rain
Back In The US
Bootlegs: Last Flight (Glasgow 79), Wings Over Denmark and Highlights Frankfurt 93 (I was there!).

must have: Oratorio, Strawberries... Rushes, Standing Stone

Two Virgins
Plastic Ono Band
Sometime In NYC (LP)
Mind Games
Rock 'n' Roll
Double Fantasy
The John Lennon Collection

Must have: Walls And Bridges, Milk And Honey

All Things Must Pass
Cloud 9

must have: nothing really, maybe if I happen to see it somewhere... not actively looking

All Star Band 1990
Vertical Man

must have: see George
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Postby dsnito » Thu Feb 27, 2003 12:34 pm

Brains my friend...you REALLY MUST HAVE John´s WALLS AND BRIDGES, man!!! Your John´s collection has a big lack without W&B!! Run for it!![:D]

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Postby theDingle » Fri Feb 28, 2003 12:14 am

Once Upon A Long Ago (EP w/Back On My Feet/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Kansas City)
My Brave Face (promo)
Put It There (EP w/Mama's Little Girl/Same Time Next Year)
This One (promo)
Off The Ground (EP w/Cosmically Conscious/Style Style/Sweet Sweet Memories/Soggy Noodle)
Hope Of Deliverance (promo)
Young Boy (promo)
The World Tonight (EP w/Looking For You/Oobu Joobu - Part 1)
Try Not To Cry (promo)
Freedom (EP w/From A Lover To A Friend/FALTAF David Kahne Remix 2)
Lonely Road (promo)

I'm Losing You (import promo w/Only You)
Starting Over (3" import w/Beautiful Boy)

This Is Love (promo)

Weight Of The World (EP w/After All These Years/Don't Be Cruel)
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Postby mr. kite » Fri Feb 28, 2003 3:06 am

i'll be back soon to give my list. i don't want to miss some albums if i'm going to do this from memory.[:D]
mr. kite
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Postby Steve-o » Fri Feb 28, 2003 10:09 am

Paul John and George: 99% complete

Ringo: about 40%.

Thank-you. [:D]
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Postby Thomas » Thu Mar 13, 2003 5:49 pm

Brains, how is that ´79 bootleg? what´s the tracklist? Do you know places to get bootlegs in Holland?
My old shop where I could get booltegs occasionaly has closed a long time ago.
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Postby Brains » Fri Mar 14, 2003 9:13 am

It's the best bootleg there is, according to the Fanclub. I saw a review in their magazine, and I looked on the internet for someone who was willing to trade it with me. It's the only 79 show that was bootlegged with soundboard quality. It was Wings' last regular show, before Paul got busted in Japan. They did the concert for Kampuchea after this one, but I don't think that was a complete show. That show is also on this bootleg.

Really interesting tour, 1979. Lots of songs he never played before or after that one.


Got To Get You Into My Life (cool intro by the brass section, same guys as in 76)
Getting Closer
Every Night (very slow, nice electric guitar solo)
Again And Again And Again
I've Had Enough
No Words (!)
Cook Of The House (Linda manages quite well)
Old Siam, Sir
Maybe I'm Amazed (not as good as in 76)
The Fool On The Hill
Let It Be
Hot As Aun (!)
Spin It On ("for those maniacs in the audience who want to pogo")
Twenty Flight Rock
Go Now
Arrow Through Me (great vocal performance by Paul)
Wonderful Christmastime

CD 2
Coming Up (this one was released as the b-side of the 1980 single)
Goodnight Tonight
Mull Of Kintyre (with bagpipe band)
Band On The Run (with extended finale)

Concerts for the people of Kampuchea
Got To Get You Into My Life
Every Night
Coming Up
with Rockestra:
Let It Be
Rockestra Theme
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