Any Doctor Who fans out there?

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Re: Any Doctor Who fans out there?

Postby mr h atom » Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:04 am

it's all OK, G4...i'm bettin' most understood...i know i somehow instinctively knew what you meant...knew that you were just overwhelmed by it all...

1st...the trauma of the move, and all that folderol...then the lack of that peculiar cup of english tea ??

i think you ought to give poor chris E a second look, if given a chance...i've always thought he brought a bit of the rather brash and action orientated Pertwee back to the then missing-for-some-time Doc...his Doc had a sort of wistful, Bond-ish feel...

Fav. Doc ? hmmm..probably still davison, as he a my first i-was-there-regeneration...but tennant gives the best run-for-the-money

very much looking forward to capaldi...

would love it if they did more...alot more...with mcgann.
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Re: Any Doctor Who fans out there?

Postby Girl4Beats » Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:16 am

Mr. H,

Yes the trauma of moving. It was traumatic too. But I digress.

AH! The good ole days when I could turn into MPT, MPT 2, WETA and WETA-UK and watch all my British sitcoms, my dramas and everything else British. But Nashville doesn't seem to like British programming. Maybe they don't understand British humor. Whatever it is, there is not much on in the way of British Television. DUH! It is America. Why would they have British programs? Because I find them funnier than American sitcoms? Now Dr. Who comes on BBC America here, I believe. But there is not much else on in this area. Too bad. I think if the people of Nashville would give it a chance it might grow on them.

I STILL like Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy as my favorite doctors with Pertwee and Tennant coming in a close second.
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Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor

Postby Jeremy K2 » Wed Nov 20, 2013 4:04 pm

Oh how I love it when Doctor Who comes into conversation on a Paul mcCartney website. My two favourite forms of entertainment together and I'm not alone.

Off to see the new episode/movie 'Day of the Doctor' on the big screen on Sunday. Have not atinicpated anything with as much excitement since I was a child. John Hurt is obviously a link between the 8th and 9th doctors as evident through the clip 'Night of the Doctor' on the BBC website. How this makes each Doctor the number they are is too confusing for my small brain - but really who cares. After all they can't stick to twelve generations or the show would not be able to continue for another 50 years.

As for Matt smith he was brilliant although I think hindered somewhat by some overly-awkward scipts from Steven Moffatt. Strange how this great writer of Blink etc, managed to make DW too complex for the average viewer. I will miss Matt smith very much but look forward to Peter Calpadi as I think it right that the continual run of young looking Doctors is becoming overtly trendy.

Cheerio :-h
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