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Postby mr h atom » Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:11 am

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Re: ::Revolver

Postby beatlesfansunite » Tue Sep 17, 2013 2:43 am

From the one, two, three, four count-in through to the climax of Tomorrow Never Knows, Revolver announced to the world that The Beatles of old were no more. Touring was in the past, the loveable moptops had grown up, and they were free to explore and push musical boundaries from within the studio.

Revolver paved the way for The Beatles' extensive experimentation on Strawberry Fields Forever, I Am The Walrus and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It is often considered to be the group's finest body of work, and showed all four members of The Beatles working together, equally, at their creative peak.

Revolver, The Beatles' seventh UK long player, was released on 5 August 1966, and three days later in the United States. It ushered in an era in which the group became increasingly interested in exploring production techniques in the studio.

The album was released just before The Beatles' final US tour in August 1966. None of its songs, however, were performed live. The group considered many of the songs too complex and unsuitable for live performance, during a time in which they were often unable to even hear themselves play above the screams of audiences.

Revolver was recorded at EMI Studios on Abbey Road, London. The Beatles considered recording it in America, but found EMI unwilling to put up the money required to do so.

Although The Beatles depended on EMI to fund recording costs, their 1962 contract with the company actually expired in June 1966 while they were making the album. Astonishingly, the group were technically not under contract with EMI when the album was complete; their new nine-year contract wasn't signed until January 1967.

It is inconceivable in this age that a group as powerful as The Beatles would essentially give away an album to a label, not least one as significant as Revolver. Additionally, the group had become dissatisfied with EMI by 1966, often complaining that the terms of the old contract left them at a financial disadvantage. Yet despite Brian Epstein's approaches to other labels, they decided to remain loyal to EMI. \:d/
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