Paul's future as a live performer

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Re: Paul's future as a live performer

Postby EwaldK » Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:50 am

mr h atom wrote:righto, again, blue ! :salute

hey, ewald...what would you think, considering 'riding to jaipur' ( a song i think is pretty cool ) if he did an album of original songs that were done with indian musicians and based largely on the use of the it mostly instrumental, but with sparse lyrical input...we know he likes the stuff

if ry cooder can pull it off, so could paul

When one comes to think of it there are actually quite a few songs with sparse vocals, "Momma Miss America" is another one that comes to mind :-BD

Indian music is cool, he also had a project with classical guitars, never heard of it again. Or maybe team up with someone like Kylie Minogue, she also made some great music with Nick Cave... ... _lifestyle
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Re: Paul's future as a live performer

Postby hob1950 » Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:17 am

I think the discussion on Paul's future as a live performer and his declining vocal skills is a bit premature. How quickly we forget the closing of the Grammy awards, he is entitled to a bad night. Give him a break, everything he does is a bonus and should be treasured. I remember seeing a great Jazz pianist and at the end of the show people were frantic for an encore. He came on stage and arrogantly said "you've had enough!" I never want to hear that from Paul.
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Re: Paul's future as a live performer

Postby mr h atom » Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:54 pm

tho, hobs, after his rest...

and when his voice is better...

i'd have no problem with him coming on after the first set and singing 'i've had enough' :wink:
at the end of the end it's the start of a journey to a much better place and this wasn't bad so a much better place would have to be need to be sad...
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