Why Does Paul Never Sing His 80's Hits Live?

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Re: Why Does Paul Never Sing His 80's Hits Live?

Postby efghijiloveyou » Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:08 pm

I kinda see where Daniel is coming from, after all back in the eighties No More Lonely Nights (the video) was all over MTV and was a pretty big radio hit as well. I have good feelings for this song, but I wouldn't compare it to Hey Jude or Let it Be. I prefer the slower ballad version of it though and really haven't much use for the so-called rock version.
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Re: Why Does Paul Never Sing His 80's Hits Live?

Postby joefig66 » Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:15 am

Ok, I'm joining this discussion kind of late but here goes. Of course he released much less material during this period. The fact that he really barely toured during the 80's means that the fans's didn't get a chance to really learn the songs and learn to love them. I think that a lot of the songs would fall on deaf ears simply because the songs aren't well known enough. Ok, not deaf ears but you all understand. Tug of War would probably sound great in a concert hall. Not sure though in a stadium all though the part where it goes electric does sound enticing. Take it Away might sound ok. He's already doing Here Today. Coming Up is out. I'm not sure I like all the polyrhythms added to the song now. I'm seem to always prefer the orignals, except maybe PS Love Me Do. I liked that. I've always been a fan of Figure of 8. I like the album version. I wish he went for a harder sound on it. When he opened with it in 89, I though it was great. Hey, we can't forget We Got Married or Put it there. Those are among his best (for me) ever.
Two songs I really want to hear in concert are from the 70's. Silly Love Songs and Listen to What the Man Said. Ok. Here's a third. With a Little Luck.
That's my two cents.
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Re: Why Does Paul Never Sing His 80's Hits Live?

Postby mr h atom » Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:40 pm

and a very good two cents, too guess that means you saw him in '89...i don't know about you, but in atlanta, part of the crowd kinda sighed sadly when the preshow played 'that day is done', and several of us remorsed that we knew it meant he would not be playing it that night...

i had a crowd around me that represented a wide assortment of views...and the only ones who did not completely enjoy themselves were some die hard beatle fans...

it's like that every time i go see him...music and mccartney fans love it...some beatle fans take alot of bathroom breaks and kevetch about him not playing 'dear prudence' (hey, jerk...that's a john ong...shut up and sit down) or some such shite

you dead on about that lack of radio air time pay..on the way back from that concert, on the radio, a dj querried as to why some of the audience seemed to be lost amidst all the great new songs...and his co-host reminded him that most stations simply don't play mccartney...at all.

and we all know now, if they do, its probably gonna be botr, jet, my love or maybe i'm amazed, etc

all these great songs, and there is only one, perfect goodwill ambassador out there to get them known..that's paul...and he, more often than not, avoids them like the plague
at the end of the end it's the start of a journey to a much better place and this wasn't bad so a much better place would have to be special...no need to be sad...
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Re: Why Does Paul Never Sing His 80's Hits Live?

Postby Girl4Beats » Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:20 pm


I love Figure of Eight. I like the play out version. I like the rock version of No More Lonely Nights too. I LOVE That Day is Done. Reminds me a little of a gospel type song. H, I said A LITTLE. But I would love to hear, IN CONCERT, Summertime and Midnight Special. Not just at rehearsal/sound check. I like the way he sings both.

As noted many, many times, Macca has a vast array of songs to choose from and why he sticks to the same old songs all the time is a mystery. Maybe if he EVER writes his autobiography we might find out, if he can still remember what he did.

Die Hard Macca fans would probably love anything he did and die hard Beatles fans. . . well he was an original Beatle so they should basically like the songs too but if they are looking for strictly Beatles songs, go home and listen to the album.

Okay I done.
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