Is this an evergreen??

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Is this an evergreen??

Postby EddieV » Sat May 28, 2011 10:50 am

This song by Blue Oyster Cult is so friggin good. In my view it is a evergreen!!

Have you other examples on songs which in your view is an evergreen?
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Re: Is this an evergreen??

Postby mr h atom » Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:29 am

well...there's that barbara striesand song...i kinda like that one...

"love, soft as an easy, fresh a..."

uh, you didn't mean that, did you ?
i had an evergreen in my backyard when i was a kid: fell out of it one times too many... X_X

i'm gonna guess that by 'evergreen' you might mean songs that are alway fresh, always engaging, thought-provoking, exicting as good as the first time you heard it: songs that, in fact, once you hear them again , you realize how dull, empty and all sort of one dimensionial all this mortal coil stuff really is and how ever so precisely your life has been askew since you misplaced that song from your memory...

if so, i'd have to say, with real honesty, that that list would be too long to even begin to compile: it would include a song or two off almost every album i have, but also a plethora of songs i do not have in any form within my rather small archives...

but, that's why god invented our dear friends: radio, the internet and youtube...right ?
at the end of the end it's the start of a journey to a much better place and this wasn't bad so a much better place would have to be need to be sad...
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