Should I Try Electronic Cigarettes ?

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Should I Try Electronic Cigarettes ?

Postby JohnathanYMac » Sun Apr 17, 2011 6:16 am

I am aware this is probably off topic, but I am curious if anybody in this community has experiance with ecigarettes?

I have been trying to stop smoking for 3 years and have attempted everything from the patch to drugs. I am desparate, I have cancer and I do not feel like getting scammed or tricked into trying somthing worse. E-cigarettes look like an appealing way to stop smoking cigarettes, but would they work? And how do I know which one to get, most seem to be 100's of dollars and I can't afford to toss money away. I have cancer treatments to pay for.

If anyone has any experiance with this I'd really apreciate some advice.

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