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Postby Beatle Bob » Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:38 pm


[b]Review: Beatles Come To Town - 1 DVD – Misterclaudel (MCDVD 25)[/b]

By Beatle Bob

First off, let me apologize for not reviewing this title in a timely manner due to unforeseen circumstances. I was hoping to get this done after I received it late last year.

Taken mainly from the Pathe online archives, this release offers much never seen before footage and unused scenes - along with unused camera angles. Seemingly all versions of the Beatles Come To Town documentary that have survived over the years are included: You have a choice of a “rough edit,” “broadcast version,” “b&W work print”, “35mm,” and “70mm” versions. All are fair to good quality. Nothing is truly better than what we’ve had unless we get something from the negative. The unused footage consists mainly of audience shots and scenes with the fans. Not terribly exciting. Watching individual camera angles of the Beatles perform live is the real treat here.

The DVD does suffer from having low resolution and shows the hallmarks of the source being the internet. It doesn’t look that good on a computer screen; though luckily this is a treasure trove of material. I was certainly hoping for better quality from the Pathe archives. I know there was a FAB release of this material, but it includes other superfluous material that is irrelevant to this documentary (such as interviews, the Beatles arrival at airports, Empire Theater performance, Royal Variety Show, etc.) Sometimes I’m not in need of a disc being overloaded just to fill it out. I prefer this Misterclaudel release for being specific to the documentary – though much of it is duplicated time and time again throughout the DVD. The one item I truly find annoying is the multi-angle versions that can include (for instance) up to three camera angels shown separately in the same frame. It’s a great tool if I were using each camera’s footage to do my own edit of the song. But it’s distracting to watch and filler. I also didn’t like some silent footage (on the early chapters of the DVD) have overdubbed Beatles songs from the commercial CDs. Preferably, I’d rather have had them use the live audio from the songs performed live here, at the ABC Cinema in Manchester.

It is highly recommended? I'd say not. Begrudgingly, I recommend this release only because it includes new footage and the release is specific only to the Beatles Come To Town.

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Postby beatlesfansunite » Thu Sep 19, 2013 2:36 am

The Beatles performed two shows at Manchester's ABC Cinema on the 16th date of their 1963 Autumn Tour.

The Beatles' 1963 winter tour programmed during the first show, Pathé News filmed the group performing She Loves You and Twist And Shout. Accompanied with backstage footage and crowd scenes, this became an eight-minute cinema feature entitled The Beatles Come To Town, shown for a week from 22 December 1963.

The backstage area was also filmed by a crew from Granada TV, who also interviewed The Beatles about their forthcoming US tour. The footage was first broadcast in the 6 January 1964 edition of Scene At 6.30.

BBC radio journalist Michael Barton was also at the venue, and interviewed The Beatles for the Voice Of The North show, broadcast on the North Home Service that evening from 6.10-6.30pm. Barton also interviewed George Harrison separately for another show, Wacker, Mach Schau, about the links between the Liverpool and Hamburg music scenes, which was broadcast on 27 November from 8pm.

As with each of the concerts on the Autumn Tour, The Beatles performed a 10-song set in Manchester: I Saw Her Standing There, From Me To You, All My Loving, You Really Got A Hold On Me, Roll Over Beethoven, Boys, Till There Was You, She Loves You, Money (That's What I Want) and Twist And Shout.

This was the first of three occasions on which The Beatles performed at the ABC Cinema. The others were on 14 October 1964 and 7 December 1965. :-BD
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