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Klaatu News Update

Postby Mike » Fri Feb 12, 2010 10:51 am

Hi everyone!

Jaimie Vernon of Bullseyesongs (formerly Bullseye Records of Canada) has sent out some exciting Klaatu news this morning. Here it is!

Dave Bradley

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After a rather strained and estranged relationship with Terry Draper for the last few years, we had a nice get-together this evening to clean
house and discuss new musical projects.

Terry is in full album recording mode which began in January. He hopes to have his third official full-length solo CD out by April or May. This
will not be a Bullseye production but I will be helping him with promotion and marketing and the design of a new dedicated Terry Draper website.

There are elements to this album that may or may not survive from recordings he started in 2003 thru 2005 (after which he closed down his
studio to focus on his day job and Klaatu's "Solology"). He has been revisiting these older tracks to see if anything still holds up. I
recall hearing a remake of "Pied Piper", a revived 1977 recording of a musical suite called "Sea", and a rather long and arduous progressive
piece that can only be described as "Pirates Of Penzance" on LSD.

But, tonight he played me three brand new compositions recorded THIS year even though all were written just before he stopped working on
music back in '05.

"Away" is a playful ballad like "Who's That Girl"; "Turkish Delight" is a definite cousin to his previous travelogue songs "Back In Acapulco"
and "All Over Morocco" inspired by his 2008 trip to Greece and Egypt; and "Stranded" which has bombastic "Calling Occupants" and "We're Not
Alone" overtones. This may actually become the title track of the new CD and will fit well with the Ted Jones original painting that has been
complete since 2003 [the painting itself is called "Footsteps"...which was originally slated to be the title of the album back when Terry
originally started working on thr follow-up to "Civil War"].

Terry's been working hard on getting his vocals stronger and more melodic, but has told me that because he is limited in his abilities is
also counting on several special guest vocalists.

A song he did not play for me, which is apparently in the "Imagine" vein, has been given to John Woloschuk for tweaking as a co-writer and
will most likely feature him on piano -- not unheard of on a Draper solo release (John has appeared on both "Light Years Later" and "Civil
War..." CDs though these were old performances by John from old recordings).

In other news, Terry has given me a small box of left-over merchandise that was used during the Klaatu tour in 1981/82 that has come to him via
their old roadie Bruce Carter. I will be posting some of this stuff through the weekend on Ebay for purchase as I have been doing over the
last two months with other items. Included are some posters, original T-shirts (!!!) and a small cache of 7" singles of "We're Off You Know"
as well as those iconic 1" lapel buttons of the Klaatu sun.

Dee is currently in Hawaii on his first vacation in 40 years and will return to Lillooet, BC on February 15th. His plan is to start work on
his follow-up to "Welcome To The Future" on the 18th of February.

So, it appears that there will be two new Klaatu solo albums this year.

For now, folks will have to enjoy Dee's new "LONGevity 4" which were mailed out last week. People should start getting them in their
mailboxes soon!


As I am working toward starting my fifth solo record (the fourth, a live album called "Nice Place To Visit", is due on March 1st through iTunes),
I am branching out and will be looking to collaborate with other artists on what will be, for all intents and purposes, a concept record based on
Bernard Shaw's play "A Man For All Seasons" about Saint Thomas More's refusal to approve of Henry The VIII's creation of the Anglican Church.
Both Terry and Dee have agreed to collaborate and appear on the disc. I will be approaching others and will announce those whenever it becomes
relevent. Oh, and there is a meeting with Ted Jones coming soon to discuss him doing a cover for my album as well.

Finally...I will be seeing John Woloschuk next week to begin discussions about many Klaatu related topics -- not the least of which is the plans
for finally getting the Klaatu DVD project back on track. Bullseyesongs has just struck a new distribution deal with Pacemaker/EMI-Canada which
not only puts Klaatu CDs back in retail (including Amazon globally and iTunes in Canada) but makes negotiating licensing of things like the "A
Routine Day" animated video for the DVD much, much easier. And because EMI-Canada controls tracks from "Magentalane", we can also re-issue
"Peaks" again...which has been out of print since 2004.

I am also going to be seeking a green light for the long rumoured Klaatu BOOK that me, David Bradley and Mark Hershberger have been pushing for
over the last decade. It will be a collaboration of notes taken since the Klaatu website went live in the '90s and all that has been
discovered in interviews and research over the past 15 years. As the Klaatu story itself approaches its 40th year (Dee and John began
negotiating with Terry Brown for a deal in the fall of 1972!!!), the story has pretty much played itself out. Short of a miracle last-minute
reunion/album/tour, the Klaatu story has a true beginning and end with the release of "Solology". They lived, they died, they lived again. And
that's a happy ending, kids!

And who knows...a future edition could always feature an "epilogue" :-)

Jaimie Vernon,
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