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Postby Beatle Bob » Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:51 pm

REVIEW: JOHN LENNON – THE LOST HOME TAPES 1965 – 1969 (Misterclaudel mccd - 123/124)

By Beatle Bob

Well….here’s one you absolutely need!

John Lennon’s Beatles era Home Demos updated and revised to include new and lengthened home demos from 1965–1969. Kudos to Misterclaudel for releasing to the collector new and expanded demo tracks we’ve only read about in Sulpy’s “Guide” book. The problem here is the enjoyability factor….or lack of. It’s a tough CD to sit through compared to the latest home demo set John Lennon At Home from the His Master’s Choice Label. This set does have two new items that are pleasant and bearable. One track called “Hold On I’m Coming” which is no more than a sketch of an idea that John abandoned and a misplaced yet pleasant “Mr. Moonlight” that post-dates this era. Complete with typing in the background. The rest are made up of new to bootleg stoned out mellotron experiments, John’s attempts at comedy and extended demos that are incomplete workouts. Sound quality is just above bearable on most of these tracks. I was only able to sit through most of these once. At times, once was more than enough. The rest are familiar to collectors. Some are extended, but the sound quality is no better than previous shortened versions that have been available. They’ve even sourced some tracks from old bootleg vinyl! I was also hoping for the inclusion of other home demos, such as the previously released (on bootleg) “I’m In Love”, to round it out.

Disc one is the hardest to sit through in terms of listenability, quality but it’s where you’ll find “Hold On I’m Coming” and “Mr. Moonlight” Otherwise, most of it’s hard to tolerate in one sitting. The second disc has some interest and contains more fleshed out ideas. These are more like the working tapes we’ve become used to from his post-Beatles home demos and “Julia and bits of “Oh My Love”(that contains new to bootleg expanded tracks -- but you’ll skip through the Yoko part believe me. Thank god for this song having lots hiss!) and Don’t Let Me Down” perked me up. (Track lists below)

Historically, this set puts the working mind of John Lennon during his psychedelic Beatles years into a historical perspective, but it also shows how bringing these ideas to fruition, he needed the Beatles as a whole, to become the masterpieces they became.

This two disc set’s jewel case come in a slipcase and it’s very indistinguishable from the usual Misterclaudel releases, for once.

Does it come highly recommended? Well….sort of.

John Lennon – The Lost Home Tapes 1965-1969


01. He Said, He Said
02. She Said, She Said
03. Hold On, I'm Coming *
04. Mr. Moonlight *
05. Mellotron Music No. 1
06. Mellotron Music No. 2
07. Mellotron Music No. 3
08. Mellotron Music No. 4
09. Mellotron Music No. 5
10. We Can Work It Out - Lucy From Littletown
11. Down In Cuba
12. Pedro The Fisherman
13. Chi-Chi's
14. Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy
15. Stranger In My Arms

The "Good Morning, Good Morning" Tape (January - February, 1967)
16. Piano Songs 1 and 2 *
17. Testing The Equipment No. 1 *
18. Good Morning, Good Morning *
Testing the Equipment No. 2 *
There's a Blue Ridge 'Round My Heart' *
Mellotron Rhythms *
Mellotron Drones and Cacophony *

The "Cry Baby Cry" Tapes
19. Guitar Jam *
20. Mellotron Noise and Babbling *
Noise Redux *
21. Cry Baby Cry, Piano Instrumental *
22. Piano Instrumental, Laughing Eyes *
23. Piano Waltz, Listening To Records *
24. Cry Baby Cry, Across The Universe *
25. Drone and Cueing Tapes *


01. Nothing But Hold Tight *
Hey Bulldog *
Hey Bulldog *
Hey Bulldog *
Set Me Free *
Across The Universe *
Piano Instrumental *
02. She's Walking Past My Door
You Know My Name
(Look up The Number)

The "Julia" Rehearsal Tapes
03. Julia (false start)
Julia (guitar track - complete)
04. Julia (false start)
Julia (vocal overdub - complete)
05. Julia (vocal and guitar overdub - complete)
Julia (playbacks)
06. The Maharishi Song

The "Oh My Love" Rehearsal Tape
07. Oh My Love (acoustic guitar demo) *
Oh My Love (acoustic guitar demo w/false start)*
Oh My Love (a cappella demo - Yoko)*
Oh My Love (a cappella demo - Yoko)*
Oh My Love (acoustic guitar demo) *
08. A Case Of The Blues
09. I've Got A Feeling
10. Don't Let Me Down
11. Don't Let Me Down
12. I've Got A feeling
13. I Want You

*=Previously Unreleased, or longer than previous sources

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Postby james1985 » Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:29 pm

I've got many of these on a boot called "Lost in Weybridge". Nice review
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