Stuck Inside of Cozumel with the Texas Blues Again.

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Stuck Inside of Cozumel with the Texas Blues Again.

Postby Derek70 » Thu Sep 03, 2009 4:24 pm

This is DeRick..with a new username and a new email address. (The only way i can get back in here, long story there).
here's the story so far...My mother was having trouble with the "Taxman", my sister was having trouble at her school, where she worked as a teacher, they were both (and my sister's family as well) They were both emotionaly drawnout. My mother, being so casual, said just off the cuff, and out of the blue..."Why don't we see if we could all move to Cozumel, Mexico. My sister & her family attacked that idea like sharks on a bloody peace of animal flesh floating in the ocean. After the whole family had stars in thier eyes. And i didn''t much hate the was just a big move, i thought. I just think we needed to brainstorm it awhile. But they went in head first. When we got there, our new house wasn't totaly done. and all of our stuff wouldn't be here for a while. But we made the best of it, went to the beach, went snorkling. (and no, im not worried about those dang Beatle remasters, we can still order them from Amazon or Barnes & Noble (which probely be best for out of country orders), it'll just take a month to get here, that's all)
It started out with me, my mom, sister, her husband teen son and 9 year old daughter. But my mom and my sister & husband had a HUGE blowup. Our stuffs here now, but we had to wait a month, and that totaly pissed my mom off, she blamed my brother in law, because he hired the movers. and he & my sister had to move thier bank account (or something like that) to a mexican account or something to that effect, i never could understand all that bank, money stuff. I guess that's part of the reason why i'm not independant. but whatever it was it sparked a hellfire of a fight right there in front of their 9 year old daughter. My mom was so pissed she called my brother in law rude names in front of their daughter who ran upstairs crying. (that image is not gonna leave me for a while) That was so WRONG! So now they moved off to California, but thier stuff (along with my stuff and my mom's) are here. Sad, really. Now we're surrounded by unorganized unpacked boxes and
the workers are still here adding on a room for my nephew who won't be here.
Now we're surrounded by unorganized unpacked boxes and workers hammering away upstairs tearing up our waterpipes, flooding rooms with water from broken pipes. I'm mostly here helping out my mom (even after what she pulled with my sister &family) But at least i got finally got my own computer in my own room, finnely internet AND privacy, i just can't have one without the other.
I got on YouTube, and i probely, MAYBE fell in love (or lust)with a 21 year old woman who calls herself "TheJungleFace" I wanted to try to send her a message it was a response to 1 of her vids on YouTube, DAM! I wsh i hadn't run across it. It was her NAKED, but not showing anything. Just showed herself from the waist up cupping her boobs, saying it's no big deal, she got in trouble on FaceBook for showing more. She said you can't take yourself too seroiusly, and life's too short, play around or something, sortof that noone should die a virgin philosophy. But that just brought up a whole lot of issues, personly. I had it drilled in my head by my mom & dad and my sister and pretty much the whole family that if it hadnt been for us taking care of you like this..i'd be dead. Exact words BTW. I wanted to send her a message, that i agreed with some of what she said but that there are some men out there who may not have a choice but to "die a virgin". We live in a society where if a man can't provide for himself and live on his own, he should just remain single and die a virgin.
While my sister and her family was here i was going to the beach with them snorkling,i'd like to learn how to scuba next. I want to explor the island more, but I gotta know where to start, it's gonna be a bit harder if my "mommy" is running things. I'd like use the net to get on these Cozumel message boards (if i could find one my mom's not on, no matter what name i choose, she'll know it's me) to show me the ropes. My sister & her husband were a big help to me, but with them gone, mom just doasnt have the time or patience. But i guess that's part of the package. Now i feel just like Bob Dylan...
Mama, could this really be the end? to be stuck inside of Cozumel with the Texas blues again.
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