Was george treated fairly in the beatles?

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Re: Was george treated fairly in the beatles?

Postby linclink » Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:34 pm

Harrythebannister wrote:
linclink wrote:the quality of his work, starting in '65-'66, was certainly the equal of John & Paul's.

I don't agree. Whilst there's no doubt in my mind that he improved dramatically and grew with confidence certainly around 65 onwards, he was never in L& M's league.

They (John Paul & George Martin) were very generous to give him three songs on Revolver. Whilst "Taxman" is a gem, the other two are the albums weakest tracks. I also always used to skip "Within You Without You" from Sgt Pepper and "The Inner Light" is their weakest ever b'side.

Only once did George equal L & M in the quality department and that was on Abbey Road.

Don't get me wrong, all of George's Beatle songs were great but I would never have substituted one of John or Paul's for one of his.

It's all cool, and it just points out the vast variety of music that The Beatles created. For me, all 3 Harrison songs are "Revolver", and his 2 on "Rubber Soul" are total highlights on albums that pretty much move from one highlight to the next without fail, or much let up.
The main difference here is that I LOVE his Indian influenced works from "Love You To" (the most raga-rock rocker of the bunch) onwards. "I Want To Tell You" probably finishes 3rd for me of his three tracks, but it doesn't feel like anything less than a to shelfer, the same way my less fave John or Paul tracks from that one feel.
For me, "Within You Without You" is a watershed epic on Sgt. Pepper that sits with it's very best couple of tracks. "It's All Too Much" from the same year is as fave a song as I have from 1967 period; I love some as much, but none more. My fave Macca tracks from '67 are actually on "Magical Mystery Tour" (title track & The Fool On The Hill).
I love "Lady Madonna", but I certainly love "The Inner Light" even more. There are a number of Beatles B's that I prefer to the A's; though never by too much. I'd be hard pressed to say that his songs on "The Beatles (The White Album)" are anything less than John & Paul's- especially "Long, Long, Long" & "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (though the other two represent a great rocker, and a unique piece on an album of staggering uniquness)- as great a ballad as there was on an album with great ballads and another absolute epic work...and...I'd certainly put "Derha Dhun", and "Sour Milk Sea", and probably even "Not Guilty" on that album before some of the more indulgent (& if pressed even some lesser ones) Lennon & McCartney moments, but...then again I'm an "add to", not "drop from" type of guy. I really wouldn't want to lose even the most out there moments of The Great White...it's part of what makes it different from "Revolver" or "Rubber Soul", and the greatest double album ever.
By '68-'69 the increasing number of unused Harrison songs represent a lost opportunity for the band in many ways...the same way that the tracks unused on regular albums in '67 standout, but now there is even more quantity wise.
I agree with whoever it was that wrote earlier that the "Revolver" model of three Harrison tracks per album should've continued as a minimum...and in the last year or two it could easily have been split into thirds and worked just fine too. I may have days that I dig other solo albums as much as "All Things Must Pass", but overall it probably is my fave solo album. There is enough there that came from the '68-'69 period, & actually some from even earlier.
Just my Harrison heavy opinion, but again I'd only add to stuff...I think overall pretty much all of their work has some real value.
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