New 5 Minute Version of "Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight"

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New 5 Minute Version of "Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight"

Postby linclink » Fri Oct 10, 2008 3:13 pm

I don't know, but I'd bet, that the 5 minute version is the album version, and the shorter one is the radio single/promo edit. In my other posts I think I changed the link to just the 5 min. version, I'll try & go back & link to both versions. Both of these are from MaccaSpan... Mix 'n' match, compare & contrast, collect them all & trade 'em with your friends...Here they both are below...
1st the new 5 minute version
and then the shorter version
Fireman website updated:
And keep an eye, and ear, on the new MaccaSpan Fireman website. The other two leaked tracks were Macca approved and promoted, but MaccaSpan is the only source of the 3rd track, so far. Maybe they have a promo copy, and we'll hear more in the weeks to come?
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Re: New 5 Minute Version of "Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight"

Postby chris » Fri Oct 10, 2008 9:45 pm

going to be honest with you, link2...i didn't expect much...and i am really surprised. it had tons of energy. and nice bluesy riff going. i was pretty impressed. before hearing that, i had no intention (or interest) in this new project...but my mind may have changed. nicely done.

and thanks for the link, uh...link2
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