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Postby Brainwashed » Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:22 pm

Brainwashed is the final studio album by George Harrison. The album was released in 2002, almost a year after his death at the age of 58. As a posthumous release, Brainwashed garnered much attention upon its unveiling and is generally considered among the finest releases of his career.

Harrison had begun recording the tracks that would eventually see issue on Brainwashed as early as 1988 (with "Any Road" being written by Harrison during the making of a video for This Is Love off the Cloud Nine album) and would continue to do so in a sporadic manner over the next decade and a half. After recuperating from his December 30, 1999 knife attack in his home by Michael Abram, Harrison focused more on getting his album finished, simultaneously sharing his ideas for all its details (from the sound of the finished songs to the album's artwork) with his son Dhani — information that would ultimately prove very valuable.

Harrison's brief plight with lung cancer in 1997 returned with full force in 2001. Once he realized it was an irreversible situation, he worked further on the album's songs—in conjunction with Dhani and his old collaborator Jeff Lynne—until he was unable to do more. Harrison's final work on the album was done at a recording studio in Switzerland shortly before his trip to the United States for cancer treatment. On November 29, Harrison died, leaving Brainwashed not quite finished, but with a guide to completing it in the hands of his son and Lynne.

After a few months away from the project, both the younger Harrison and Lynne returned to working on George's final songs and adding the appropriate instruments—as per their composer's specifications—to the recordings. So close to completion was the project that the two used the exact timetable and session bookings which George had booked himself. After some difficult but rewarding sessions, the work was done and George Harrison's final album was completed.

Brainwashed received outstanding reviews upon its November 2002 release,[1] just as a live tribute of Harrison by an assembly of his musical contemporaries, entitled Concert for George, took place at the Royal Albert Hall. It sold respectably—though perhaps slightly below expectations—reaching #18 in the US and going gold, and #29 in the UK, where "Any Road" became a Top 40 hit single in spring 2003. In 2004, Brainwashed's "Marwa Blues" won the Best Pop Instrumental Performance Grammy.

Track listing
All songs by George Harrison, except where noted.

"Any Road" – 3:52
"P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night)" – 2:38
"Pisces Fish" – 4:50
"Looking For My Life" – 3:49
"Rising Sun" – 5:27
"Marwa Blues" – 3:40
"Stuck Inside a Cloud" – 4:04
"Run So Far" – 4:05
"Never Get Over You" – 3:26
"Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" (Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler) – 2:34
"Rocking Chair in Hawaii" – 3:07
"Brainwashed" – 6:07
Includes a concluding prayer, the "Namah Parvati", chanted by Harrison and his son Dhani Harrison in unison

Bonus DVD
The special edition contains a Bonus DVD with a 7 minute featurette about the making of the album.

George Harrison - Vocals, Slide & Acoustic Guitar, Ukuleles, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion & Backing Vocals
Jeff Lynne - Electric & 12-String Guitar, Additional Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Dhani Harrison - Acoustic Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jim Keltner - Drums
Bikram Ghosh - Tabla
Jon Lord - Piano
Jools Holland - Piano
Sam Brown - Backing vocals
Jane Lister - Harp
Isabela Borzymowska - reading from "How To Know God" (The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali)

(Credit goes to Wikipedia)
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Re: Brainwashed

Postby EddieV » Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:58 am

I love this album!! Even better than Cloud 9.

I think this album show how great a songwriter George was. Even my mum and dad likes this album!!
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Re: Brainwashed

Postby linclink » Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:37 am

"All Things Must Pass" & "Thirty-Three & 1/3" are the only albums I can say I like better, and not by much either. This is certainly in my top 5-10 solo Beatles albums; up there with Lennon's best, and preferred to any Macca solo- though not by much.
The main thing for me is how Harrison mentioned that there were about three dozen (36; probably 30-40) tracks that he had recorded in the 90's that he was choosing from to release...holy cow that means there is a whole lot of unreleased material sitting around. I'd assume there must be some tracks on level with what "Brainwashed" was. I'd assume at least another great album's worth of material, and then some other good ones. Who knows how, when & where it will surface, but one just hopes that it will. Blessings!!
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Re: Brainwashed

Postby Genuine_Indian_Guru » Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:10 pm

Fantastic album, one of my fav George albums.

I'm glad Dhani and Jeff finished it off and got out.
George could not have left us with a better record.
Peace be with him. :salute
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