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Wonderwall Music

Postby Brainwashed » Fri May 02, 2008 10:47 pm

Wonderwall Music is George Harrison's first solo album and the soundtrack to the film Wonderwall. The songs are virtually all instrumental (except for some non-English vocals, and a slowed-down spoken word track), and were recorded partly in December 1967 in England, and the rest the following January (1968) in Bombay, India. Wonderwall Music is notable for being the first official solo album by one of the Beatles. (The soundtrack of the film The Family Way, composed by Paul McCartney, was issued in June 1967, but the album contains only incidental music, not performed by McCartney.)

Also recorded during the Indian sessions was the backing track to "The Inner Light", which became the B-side to "Lady Madonna", the final Beatles single on Parlophone in the UK and Capitol Records in the United States.

Some of the musician's credits are pseudonyms for Harrison, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr. Harrison is listed merely as producer, arranger and writer for the album. Peter Tork of Monkees fame also played banjo, but was not credited.

All of the tracks were composed by Harrison, and it was the first album release on the newly formed Apple Records, released in November of 1968, a few weeks before The Beatles. It would also be the first Apple record to be deleted, though it was reissued on remastered CD in 1992.

In the CD liner notes, talking about the parts of the recordings done in India, Harrison is quoted, "They only had a big EMI mono machine. I mixed everything as we did it there, and that was nice enough becuse you get spoiled working on eight and sixteen tracks."

Harrison's description of the recording done in England is revealing, "I had a regular wind-up stopwatch and I watched the film to 'spot-in' the music with the watch. I wrote the timings down in my book, then I'd go to Abbey Road, make up a piece, record it."

Not charting at all in the UK, Wonderwall Music reached #49 in the U.S. in the early part of 1969.

Britpop band Oasis, well-known for their Beatles influences and motifs, had a major hit with a song called "Wonderwall" in the 1990s, whose title refers to this album.

Contents [hide]
1 Track listing
2 Personnel
2.1 England (December 1967)
2.2 India (January 1968)
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Track listing
All songs by George Harrison.

"Microbes" – 3:42
"Red Lady Too" – 1:56
"Tabla and Pakavaj" – 1:05
"In the Park" – 4:08
"Drilling a Home" – 3:08
"Guru Vandana" – 1:05
"Greasy Legs" – 1:28
"Ski-ing" – 1:50
"Gat Kirwani" – 1:15
"Dream Scene" – 5:26
"Party Seacombe" – 4:34
"Love Scene" – 4:17
"Crying" – 1:15
"Cowboy Music" – 1:29
"Fantasy Sequins" – 1:50
"Glass Box" – 2:22
"On the Bed" – 1:05
"Wonderwall to Be Here" – 1:25
"Singing Om" – 1:54
Tracks 2, 5, 8, 10, 11, 14, 16 and 18 were recorded in England, while tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 15, 17 and 19 were recorded in India.


England (December 1967)
John Barham – piano and flügelhorn
Colin Manley – guitar and steel guitar
Tony Ashton – jangle piano and organ
Philip Rogers – bass
Roy Dyke – drums
Tommy Reilly – harmonica
Peter Tork – banjo (uncredited)
Eddie Clayton (Eric Clapton) – guitar
Richie Snare (Ringo Starr) – drums (rumoured)

India (January 1968)
Aashish Khan – sarod
Mahapurush Misra – tabla and pakavaj
Sharad Jadev – shehnai
Hanuman Jadev – shehnai
Shambu-Das – sitar
Indril Bhattacharya – sitar
Shankar Ghosh – sitar
Chandra Shekhar – surbahar
Shivkumar Sharma – santoor
S. R. Kenkare – flute
Vinaik Vora – thar-shehnai
Rij Ram Desad – harmonium and tabla-tarang

(Credit goes to Wikipedia)
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Re: Wonderwall Music

Postby mclarke825 » Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:02 pm

I have seen the title of one of the cuts on this album listed as both "Cowboy Museum" and "Cowboy Music." Both versions have been in actual print on different pressings of the record and/or CD as well as different track listings on web sites. Does anyone have a definitive answer as to what the correct title is? Or at least know where to find a definitive answer?

BTW, I love this album. It's a trip!
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Re: Wonderwall Music

Postby Mark Rink » Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:02 pm

I really want to purchase this cd but it cost to much money.I've heard some songs on you-tube and I like what I hear.Maybe some day . :-BD

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Re: Wonderwall Music

Postby linclink » Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:13 pm

Mark Rink wrote:I really want to purchase this cd but it cost to much money.I've heard some songs on you-tube and I like what I hear.Maybe some day . :-BD

Give Ireland Back To The Irish %%-

It's one of the oddity or side projects that I really totally dig. I've had the vinyl for years. I'm all OK with those Russian websites & I'll most likely download it there at some point or another. Blessings!!
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