last season of sopranos

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last season of sopranos

Postby chris » Mon May 21, 2007 9:57 pm

i've been a loyal follower of this show from its inception. to me, this show has no equal. it is violent, funny, has a great soundtrack...and it just seems real. but this is it. it all comes down to the final two episodes.

lets be honest, we are bound to lose a couple of "friends" along the way.


christopher is dead. at first veiwing i thought it was just a mercy killing. but at second glance, tony outright murdered him in cold blood. which shouldn't be too surprising because he is, after all, a thieving, murdering bastard.

paulie...there is no way he can survive the season, can he? he just doesn't stop talking. and he seems to rub everyone the wrong way.

aj...bit of a shock, huh? for years he seemed to not follow in his fathers footsteps. but then, starting this season, he seemed to be just like his dad. in with the wrong crowd. in the wrong places at the wrong times. even seeing a shrink. i thought maybe he would take over his family business, but now that doesn't seem like its going to happen. with the frighteningly real suicide attempt.

phil leotardo (leader of the ny mob) has turned into a real prick. he's outstanding at it, too. shame he has waited so long to assert himself. he has turned into one of the true stars of the show (although his weaselly, lazy eyed, shorty of a right hand man makes me crack)

what do you think is going to happen. after giving it much thought, i can only see it ending two possible ways, with tony either dead or in jail. but i've been known to be wrong before. is creator david chase going to tie up all loose ends? will the series be remebered as one of the best ever in the history of american television? what do you think?
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