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Macca Marathon

Postby JennyWren » Wed Jun 29, 2005 11:22 am

On Sunday, I spent about 8 hours watching Macca DVDs. I started with Red Square (very interesting to hear about the influence of the Beatles even though they were banned; very cool to see how loved Macca is in Russia), continued with Cavern Club (fun!), and lastly, Back in the US--the 2002 tour. Loved them all, but Back in the US was my fave. So glad it included the opening--the transition from the pre-show antics to the concert. The shadows of the bass then of Macca behind the scrim and then...there he is! It was thrilling, gave me chills. I sang and danced throughout, thinking "In 4 more months, I'll be doing that for real!" Wow.
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Postby Bluebird » Wed Jun 29, 2005 12:58 pm

That´s very great. I spend 4-5 nights every year with 3 other of Denmarks greatest macca-fans. We´re watching dvd´s cd´s and we´re discussing and so for.. Almost every saturday I also watching beatles and macca the whole day. Long ago I started hearing McCartney, then Ram, then Wild life etc.. ´But I think it more cool to have someone to share the dvd nights with. I love it.. I wachted the Prague concert today on dvd. Very Awesome..
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