How to listen to the MONO Beatles

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How to listen to the MONO Beatles

Postby jgkojak » Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:58 pm

I make my son Goodnight CDs- one of them is a Beatles CDs (Goodnight is the first song!!!)

Anyway... since we play it on a boombox in his room, I thought "what if I used mono mixes of all the songs"-- (yes, a couple Abbey Road #s were on there, I just didn't use those for the mono version)--

anyway- I made an interesting discovery-

I had been listening to the MONO CDs on the big stereo or on my good headphones-- and thought they were a little flat, though punchy.

On the boombox at a moderate volume (which I'd imagine would accurately simulate the fidelity of a good record player from the Beatles day) - the mixes really come alive, and really do sound as good as Stereo. I noticed several things I had not noticed turning them up loud-- the second verse of Yesterday has some obviously added echo, the phasing on Lucy in the Sky is quite apparant.

Anyway... give it a try on a boombox at moderate volume- pretty cool.
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