Song about my visit to Liverpool

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Song about my visit to Liverpool

Postby debra51 » Sun May 30, 2010 8:30 pm

I wrote The song "She loves You" on my way from Liverpool to Dublin. I was on a ship, and I started thinking about my visit to liverpool, and how cool it was to visit Liverpool

Please listen and Vote for "She Loves You" by SilverBeat @

The first verse is about my walk down Penny Lane. The second verse is about my visit to Strawberry Fields.

The chorus "She love You" is used to display my love for Beatles music in general, nothing more than that. How Beatles music keeps playing in my head and how it will until die.

Beatle fans that get this song love it, I think you will as will. It is from my heart

Lyric: She Loves You

I've been up and down that lane
Of childhood memories
The views that still remain
Of realities and fantasies
Arouse my mind with sights and sounds
Beneath the blue suburban sky
Illumination is all around
In every picture your word's describe


She loves you - yeah yeah yeah
Keeps on playing in my head
Yeah yeah yeah
Probably will until I'm dead

I've walked through the fields of hope
And boyhood pleasantries
A life come in to scope
With these legacies and destinies
Remains the dreams of old and new
Living here in surrounding streets
Infatuation has more the grow
As did the love for the Mersey Beat

Oh how it moves me
Oh how it soothes me

listen and Vote for SilverBeat @
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