who agrees.. let yr bandmates shine

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who agrees.. let yr bandmates shine

Postby numberwriter » Wed May 22, 2002 6:01 am

i dunno about you.. i listen to what the man said, says, plays... i love it all... but dont you wish he would allow a bit of freedom for his band, like trust? something more, like such a damn cool drum that carries you through.. ok, heather... but you get my drift.. is there something sticks out to you that you think is great like that? pauls drumming on jet is another, i love that rolling style, obviously. who else did it?
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Postby shorty » Thu May 23, 2002 2:05 pm

I don't get completley what you are saying.

Paul new band is great they have a great sound and add great energy to everything. Lets face it peopel want to see Paul and not alway's the band. I do think that this is one of his greatest band line up's.
Rusty rocks and it would be cool to see him wail an amazing solo, he played great at the toronto show

so long see ya never
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Postby scrodfish256 » Thu May 23, 2002 5:33 pm

I think that when people go to see paul they want to hear the songs as they are on the albums. His band is great, but I don't think that I would like to hear a bunch of new solos in classic macca tunes.
Paul doesn't tour often and i'm glad that he didn't change around any of his songs for the tour. peace out
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