Has he deviated from the set list?

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Has he deviated from the set list?

Postby Chris Speers » Sun Oct 06, 2002 10:41 pm

The insider reported he did a rocker from Pepper at the rehearsal it was probably "Fixing a hole" which we heard in '93. Is there any chance that Paul can do "A Day in the life". I heard a decent version by Phish - i wish Paul would deviate from the set list - Michelle is a re-run from 1993 and Let 'em in is a re-run from 1990 (which i heard in DC). While She's leaving home is ok, i'd like to see more songs being passed around. Don't get me wrong, appreciate the greatness and the set-list is hot. But, damn it, a little variety is nice too.

I'd love to hear "Heart of the country" - even though it may pain him to do that one per Linda. Or maybe, Mrs. Vanderbilt.

Paul is playing it way too safe. I'm sure the other musicians want to do some variety and want to shake it up a little. Paul should show a little guts and stir it up. I'd love to see Santana or some guest musicans kick in the jams. It would be really cool to see Paul jam with the Captain from "Captain and Tenielle". The harmonies he could do on "LOve will keep us together" would be better than She's leaving home. "Do that to more one more time" was one of Paul's favorite songs from the 70's...
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