Why i identify with Pink Floyd

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Why i identify with Pink Floyd

Postby DeRick » Fri Oct 19, 2007 8:36 pm

One of my fav bands is Pink Floyd, now i know why this band speaks to me. I happen to share a rare mental handicapp with the band's late founder.
I'm 37 years old, never had a real job, never had the chance to live independantly and never, NEVER EVER had anykind of romantic relationship with a woman. Ive been sheltered my entire life by my family who at alot of times can't really get along with eachother. My mom, stepdad and sister & her husband (and my late realdead and my late grandparents) said i can't hold a job, and be independant, never,ever find woman who would appreciate me enough to even wanna date me. My pastor put it this way, that my mom "needs me". Maybe thats his warm fuzzy way of saying that theres really no way out of my situation now. I remember within my family, alot of the churches ive been to, and other social things, thered be these matchmakers saying "We oughta fix them up", id never be the object of thier conversation. When id ask about a certain woman, she's never "my type". Or when i thought i met potental someone, they looked as if they were trying to tell me someone died.
Now, im brain damaged with poor eyesight and some kinda retardation/autism called "Aspergers Syndrome", but that "theory" hasn't been finalized yet and my family not gonna spend alot of $$$ on tests to prove they think they know i have.
When i discovered Pink Floyd, thier stuff just touched me to the point of tears, and when i learned that alot of thier popular stuff was about a "lost friend", i found out he originaly founded the band. That's when i discovered Syd Barrett. I always thought there was something else going on in his head, besides "a bad trip". He ended up staying with family until his death because he just couldn't function on his own ....like me. So i "investigated" on the net and i found this:
"Syd Barrett's drug did not help the fact the was suffering from mental illness. It was not just his drug use which led to his instability. It has been suggested that he had Asperger's Syndrome, a form of Autism, owing to certain traits in his behaviour. It was a tragic thing for the band. The entire Wish You Were Here album is a tribute to Syd Barrett.. get it? 'Wish You Were Here' If Barrett was autistic, it's quite possible that his mental illness was caused by well-meaning psychiatric intervention as a child. You can look this up at autistics.org. Autistic children are still brutalized in "therapy". I wouldn't doubt that this happened to Barrett back then."

I just thought i might share this with yall, i know its abit meloncollie so i'll leave yall with these "deep thoughts"

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Re: Why i identify with Pink Floyd

Postby mervap » Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:38 pm

Nice to see you again, DeRick. I've not seen you around for a while.

After reading your story, I have a couple of observations....when it comes to relationships, there are many different qualities people look for in others...it's different by degrees for everyone. Of course I don't really know you personally, but I see that you possess a measure of Courage, just for sharing your story honestly. You are Observant...you saw in Syd's music a kinship, even before you knew about his disabiliy...You have Taste, at least in music, and you are Honest. I capitalized those words because they are traits that most people would admire in someone: Courage, Honesty, Observation and Taste. :salute

It would be really good if you were able to have the tests you require for a proper diagnosis...perhaps there are some therapies which could be effective in your case, but I'm no doctor.
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Re: Why i identify with Pink Floyd

Postby Harrythebannister » Sat Oct 20, 2007 9:31 am

Nice to have you back DeRick! You've been missed! :)
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