Liquid Eclipse: "The Elements" Cd Release!

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Liquid Eclipse: "The Elements" Cd Release!

Postby dpantz » Tue Oct 16, 2007 10:30 am

LIQUID ECLIPSE : The Elements CD Release

If every picture told a thousand stories, then Dale Pantalione's songs would speak loud in volumes. Not only does he claim to have written thousands of songs, but there is a certain cinematic quality about his music.

Elsewhere Records has released the highly anticipated new cd from Liquid Eclipse titled "The Elements". The first Liquid Eclipse album since 2001’s "Plagued By Phases"- is a triumphant recording.

After years of recording experimental solo albums and under the Liquid Eclipse banner, frontman Dale Pantalione has finally recorded the album he always wanted to make. This time he combines his skills as both producer and musician, his knack for creating richly textured soundscapes, and allowing outside musicians (a ‘virtual band‘) from different backgrounds to help shape the sound. The album exploits all the things that Pantalione is good at, and a fine collection of his best songs to date.

Thanks to the collaboration between Pantalione and engineer Jay Ruch, "The Elements" is a heavier album. Ruch, along with Kent Green of Identical Strangers, not only co-wrote a couple of the songs, but also helped produce and contribute some intricate guitar playing. With three producers at the helm, it doesn't feel overproduced, in fact it seems that Pantalione traded in his spacesuit for a birthday suit on this down-to-earth Liquid Eclipse project.

Pantalione describes the new cd as “a concept album rooted in the elements, and the things in nature that ‘weather’ us as people, and by the end shows that we are all pieces of a larger puzzle”.

On the album's opening instrumental track titled 'Alchemy One: A Drop In the Ocean' the first voice we hear is not Pantalione’s but the voice of a newborn baby crying. The haunting vocals of Jess Bryant from the UK-based ‘dark folk’ band Mandala, emerge from the liquidy depths of underwater drones, as the dirge-like piano melody drifts along, through a thunderstorm. Pantalione describes the 'Alchemy' suites on the album as "where the physical world and spiritual world unite."

The track ends quite abruptly and there is a brief moment of silence, which incidentally leads into a brooding song called 'Silence' in which Pantalione invites the listener to "Come inside where you've never been", almost revealing that this ride will be quite a different one. With a raspy tone reminiscent of a young David Gilmour, and guitar shredding that evokes King Crimson, this song is one of the album's rockers. Just as it was introduced, the song ends abruptly and cuts to silence, and paves the way for
another union of the spiritual and physical world.

On 'Alchemy Two: Dead Earth' we hear the distant strain of some alien creature on some scorched landscape that reeks of decay. Is it a reflection of our physical life? Guitars squeal and squawk and the rhythm moves along to a manic guitar solo and pounding drums locked in a off kilter time signature.

As if the tone of the last song was eerie enough, next up is the spine chilling track 'Lost in the Woods', may be one of the more mellow tracks on this album, but it is heavy on the atmosphere--typical of how Pantalione likes to get lost in his music and bring the listener with him. The theme of abandon, vultures lurking overhead, children's mocking laughter, this song lingers with you way after the album is finished, and showcases Pantalione in his full Peter Gabriel mode.

'The Dream Assassin' deals with how we struggle for a dream, how our dreams disappointment, and how we let our dreams down, through three phases of life. Pantalione sings with honesty "In a room full of ghosts/another victim grieves/he's lost in the thought/of all the things he's never been". Forboding chants lock in time to the songs percussion and the shot of a bullet pierces through the mix making way for one of the albums most explosive moments and best guitar solos.

'Darkness Falls' is a sinister song, with a throbbing pulse-like bass. The lyrics represent our blindness to everything around us in the shadowy depths where we can truly see our relation to the world and hope can still shine through.

The radio friendly ‘Invincible’ is one of the albums rockers and stand out tracks. It has received a considerable amount of play online since it was released as a single some months back, and raced to the top of the experimental/alternative charts. The type of song you'd imagine blaring from a supercharged muscle car from a reckless driver racing past you in the fast lane.

'Inner Child' is a funky little tantrum of a song with a solid drum and bass punch to it, which rattles along and with lyrics that feel like a mantra. Pantalione almost evokes the spirit of Brian Wilson in the Beach Boy-esque chorus.

Also featured on the album is the sultry vocals of songstress Inga on the track 'Escaping'. Not only did she write the lyrics to the song, but it also marks the first time a female vocalist sang lead on a Liquid Eclipse song. The song has a 'chill-out' vibe to it that fans of Thievery Corporation would enjoy.

After all the elements have come together and the smoke has settled, we are taken into 'The Unknown', where "leaves fall into the silence like the scattered fragments of a dream that never leaves you". Pantalione sings in a convincingly pleading voice to join him in the unknown and "let your conscience lead you". Is 'The Unknown' the uncertainty of where we are headed or is it the uncertainty of where we have been all along? Well, that's for the listeners to decide for themselves.

Dale Pantalione is one of the few daring artists these days who makes albums that you actually ‘listen’ to and experience. And even listeners with short attention spans can’t help but be drawn into the melodies. He is no marketing genius, and if he were, his albums would have sold in larger quantities. But he remains a true artist and quality is most important, and "The Elements" reaches a new standard for him.

"The Elements" has all the chemistry that all good albums are made of. Blending organic textures, earthy sounds, blistering guitar riffs, musical personalities and even humanity.

"The Elements" will not only wet the appetites of longtime Liquid Eclipse fans but spark a fire in new fans. From start to finish it is a bold, accessible, consistent melancholy masterpiece.

Long after other albums have come and gone "The Elements" will remain.



Company Name: Elsewhere Records
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