Anyone "bought" Radioheads new album??

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Re: Anyone "bought" Radioheads new album??

Postby dpantz » Tue Oct 09, 2007 4:54 pm

I bought it. I love Radiohead and their music.

They are a business smart band, and give fans what they want and as far as I am concerned are a band who is not afraid to progress in every direction. Things they do for themselves and their fans to make life easier is becoming the new standard of how the future of the music industry will be.

They have already brought the DIY/experimental sensibility to the fore and exposed the world to new ideas and paved the way for home recording acts as well. And also proved that a "one hit wonder" band could sell more albums that bypassed the sales of their number one single "Creep" and still be adored by a legion of fans and get new fans interested as well.

If people are downloading Radiohead, who are the biggest act in the world today, for FREE, it is a sad affair for artists who are independent whoa re trying to make a living to get to the point Radiohead have...who's gonna buy an album from a new artist that no-one knows of???

I like the fact that the industry is seeing many changes and Radiohead have been at the forefront of it for some time since they have no current home on a label, and it's positive that the future of downloading is etched in stone...but what about all o fus who have been buying music online for years now...what price should we have been paying all along for an artists music? Where should the line be drawn.

I'm all for what they are doing but this move was really one that shook up everyone down the line in just about ever facet of the industry no matter how big or how small.

What is the cost of music? The price of art? Do the artists taht choose this path hope to make their money from live shows alone instead of sales of an album alone? Who does it really benefit?
And if I said I really knew you well what would your answer be?
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