New album from Tom Petty 24th of July

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Postby Lbell » Wed Jul 26, 2006 12:44 pm

I love Tom Petty. He is so righteous!! The song from his new CD, Highway Companion that's been getting some airplay on the classic rock station, KLOS, here in the Los Angeles area is Saving Grace. It sounds really good. I've been a Tom Petty fan for many years and I agree one of the best rock bands ever. I just love their music.

What put him amongst the top five artists in my book was when I read that on one of his recent tours he insisted that ticket prices stay as low as possible. He also fought for his album, Hard Promises, released in '81, to be sold at a cheaper price than the record company wanted to sell it for. The report I heard said that they wanted to charge $9 something ( a new high at the time) and he wanted it to be the $8 something. He told the record company that he would change the title of the album to the $8 price, calling it something like "This album is $8.25" or whatever the cents were if they didn't keep it at the cheaper price. Great guy.
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Postby Lazarus_2 » Wed Jul 26, 2006 8:00 pm

Big Weekend echoes Traveling Wilburys style rolicking.

I'm sure Jeff Tom and Bob still have the chops left to squeeze out another TW record...
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