Keane in Mexico-Videos, photos and a brief review

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Keane in Mexico-Videos, photos and a brief review

Postby eggman1979 » Wed Mar 18, 2009 11:08 pm

Well, it was a great experience. I live in a city that is called Zitàcuaro, 3 hours away from Mexico City. It is always exciting coming back to the city where I was born 30 years ago (March 22nd, 1979) and let me tell you guys that this is not the "dangerous" place that the American government says. Well, this is me at the Zocalo, the equivalent for the Russian Red Square or England's Trafalgar Square: ... 13734864_0 ... 13734864_0 ... 13734864_0

Here we are, this is the Palacio de los Deportes (Sports Palace). This place was built for the 1968 Olympic Games and has hosted many concerts from artists such as The Cure, Coldplay, Bob Dylan, Cher, Kiss, R.E. M., Peter Gabriel, Oasis, Sarah Brightman, Annie Lennox, Sting and, of course, Sir Paul McCartney in 2002. Actually, the Palacio de los Deportes is right in front of the Autòdromo Hermanos Rodrìguez where Sir Paul performed for the first time in Mexico in 1993: ... 13734864_0

This is how the scenario looked 2 hours before the show, I was on the B section, around a hundred meters from the stage: ... 13734864_0

And this is how they looked performing: ... 13734864_0

Let me tell you that I'm not a big fan of Keane but I must admit that these guys have talent. Sadly, my videos from the concert aren`t good, they look as if I was so far and besides my cell phone battery was almost discharged, that's why my videos skip. Well, the concert was OK, but I was disappointed because of the lack of screens and cameras, there was only one central screen and they didn't turn it on until the fifth or sixth song. There were no cameras and, obviously, no band or public shots.

The show started at 10pm, the lights went off and you could see the instruments shinning as the girl's secreams were getting higher and higher. The band appeared and the started with their new single, The lovers are losing and, at the middle of the song Tom Chaplin said "Hola Mèxico! (Hello Mexico!). When the song finished Tom said "Còmo estàn? Muy bien, muy bien. Somos Inglaterra! (How are you? Alright, alright. We are Keane...from England!)" and then Everybody's changing started, this was the most cheered song:

Other songs that they performed were Bend and break, This is the last time and Somewhere only we know but mostly, they performed their new album, Perfect Symmetry. This is my video from You haven't told me anything: ... re=channel

Right before the acosutic set began, Tom said: "Esta es la parte del show en donde todos los demàs se van y me dejan con ustedes...sòlo ustedes y yo! (This is the part of the show where everyone goes away and they leave me alone with you...just me and you!)" and I was like "Where did I hear that?" :lol:

Well, the end of the show was spetacular. The singalong was in Somewhere only we know, then came Crystal ball, the encore...and then they perfomed Under preassure from Queen! It was a great surprise and it was my favourite moment for that day. This is my video from that part: ... re=channel

Yeah, I know, my videos suck. That's why I'm posting other videos I found so you could really appreciate the real view of the show.

The lovers are losing:

Everybody's changing:

You haven't told me anything:

Somewhere only we know:

Under preassure: ... re=related

And, as "bonus tracks" :lol: ...the previous soundcheck!: ... re=related

Well, hope you can tell me your thoughts. Any Keane fans over there?
We can make it to Mexico City...AGAIN!!!!!
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