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Postby DeRick » Sat Jan 12, 2008 9:58 pm

(Boy, yall dont seem to post much in here do ya?)
I collect alot of TV shows on DVD. The only modern shows i watch now are what i call the "FoxToons": "The Simpsons", "King of the Hill", "Family Guy" and "American Dad". The first 2 are my favs, I used to be into FG & AD, but its gotten just too rauncy for my taste. But i have Simpsons (Seasons 4,5,6 & 9 [i dont really like the older stuff that good, like the Beatles they gotten better over time.]) and KOTH (seasons 1-6) on DVD. I sometimes worry that one of them might be on the verge of getting cancelled. I have all 6 released seasons of KOTH (i guess theyre just not gonna make no more :( )
But im now collecting Simpsons DVDs. I used to watch that alot in my 20s in the 90s, i still am. Its hard to fathom that all 3 (well 2 now :( ) surviving Beatles guest stared on that show. but all the other shows i watch are mostly 70s. My other TV on DVDS:
MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS (Complete except the ones without John Cleese)
THE MONKEES (Complete)
ALL IN THE FAMILY (Seasons 1-3)
SANFORD & SON (Seasons 1-3)
MORK & MINDY (Seaseon 1)

PS: I think it strange that none of the ex-Monkees guest starred on "The Simpsons" or another FoxToon. :? Id think at least Mike Nesmith would feel right at home on KOTH.
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