Soprano's new season

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Soprano's new season

Postby Mike » Mon Mar 27, 2006 1:35 pm

With what, 12 new episodes, (we've already had 3) and then eight more coming out early next year, we found out Tony isn't going to die. One of my favourite lines from last night's show when they were talking about the movie the want to produce and "The Butcher" was the name of the character and Sil object to the name and say something like, "Need I remind you of a certain Butcher from KC"

Just made me laugh as the mobsters are planing to produce a slasher movie about a mobster getting revenge.
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Postby chris » Mon Mar 27, 2006 8:21 pm

Is this the best drama on tv or what? I love this show. I've been a little bit surprised at how the season started. (I won't give away any surprises in the event someone plans on seeing it). But I never expected Tony to be so...horizontal.

Its also always been funny. Sometimes among the language and the violence, the comedy gets overlooked. But when Paulie was talking to Tony, telling him how good of shape he used to be in, then grabbed his flabby little arm , and said..."Now look at me , it looks like and old ladies ****".

The emotion coming from the family members, trying to deal with the uncertainty of what might or might not happen, pure genious. I'm going to miss this show. it seems very...real to me. Of course it does have the advantage of being on HBO.
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