Official: Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor

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Re: Official: Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor

Postby mr h atom » Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:57 pm

well...i made it through all the matt smiths (not including the new season just started two weeks ago: that'll wait until...)

gotta say, matts take on the doc is quite neat: a little bit of this, a little bit of that...tennant (in the 'children in need' special, i believe) said something along the lines of your favorite doc is your first one...and i got the impression that maybe davison was far, i get the feeling matt liked the abrasive colin baker (heck: i liked good ol' CB - too bad almost all of his stories sucked !)...

not sure how i feel about the ponds/doc/river song arc...i've heard/read many who feel the show took a 'soap opera'ish turn with initial feeling is that such an arc was/is a unique way of telling a different story within the confines of the well-established premise of the long-running show...all while fleshing out and deepening a near 50 year old character that could easily grow stale if not challenged by good writing

don't get me wrong: nothing that occured was unworthy, but, by concentrating on building the story arc, and planting the clues to the arc, it seemed to me that they short-shifted the menace of the 'big bad' in nearly every episode...that the need to tell the larger, myriad of that storyline came at the expense of real episodes about real things/threats...

almost everything...the classic monsters...the eternal villains..even the end of the entire universe itself took a secondary role to furthering the maze that was this relationship of the three...

but while all of it was highly enjoyable, if a bit fluffy, any misgivings were totally allayed by that blue faced guy in the box at the end of the season...

the most important, most dreaded question ? the one the doctor does not want to answer ??

doctor ????????????

now that most of the questions raised were answered...i look forward to seeing a more regular approach with the emphasis on the threat of the day and the docs reaction to that !!
at the end of the end it's the start of a journey to a much better place and this wasn't bad so a much better place would have to be need to be sad...
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