MACCAradio to reduce service - lack of financial support

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Re: MACCAradio to reduce service - lack of financial support

Postby JennyWren » Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:55 pm

I, too, am wondering what the status of our much-loved site is.

Mike, have you decided about switching to subscriber-only basis? Any idea what the fee might be?

You know, Mike has said $600 per month would keep this site alive and kicking. Here are 6000 registered users; I don't know how many actively listen and participate in the forums. But, presumably, there are a lot of listeners because Mike is always trying to make room for more.

So, here's the thing.....if out of the 6000 registratants, 60 of us donated $10 per month, this site would be funded. If it 30 of us gave $20 each month. You get the picture. A small contribution from a number of regular listeners could ensure that this site will continue to thrive.

Meanwhile, Mike, what's the status of the site?

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