Do your part to SPREAD THE WORD: The Voice of The Beatles

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Do your part to SPREAD THE WORD: The Voice of The Beatles

Postby Mike » Wed Jun 21, 2006 11:14 am

I'm asking all of you to do whatever you can to spread the word about MACCAradio. Whether your a member of a mail-list, Yahoo or Google Group, NewsGroup, chat anywhere or post in other message boards. Spread the word about MACCAradio, The Voice of The Beatles and it's format of Beatles, Solo & Friends and it's unique request feature. Here are some ways you can help to spread the word.

Talk Up MACCA Radio in Forums, Blogs, Chatrooms, etc.

When you run across an appropriate place to mention MACCA Radio - such as music forums like those on the official McCartney Messageboard, Yahoo,, SlashDot discussions that are about music or radio, websites for artists that are played on MACCA Radio, or other appropriate locations - don't be shy about letting people know about MACCA Radio. Be sure to include our web address in your post. :)

IMPORTANT: it isn't an accident that we used the word "appropriate" twice in the preceding paragraph. It's important not to spam forums, post on non-music-related sites or site areas, or otherwise annoy people in MACCA Radio's name. That'll only reflect poorly on us.

Post or Pass Out Flyers & Cards

We can't afford to mail out copies of flyers and promo cards, but we'd be happy to provide the artwork for you to print your own. We have artwork for 8.5" x 11" flyers and 3.5" x 2" cards (standard business card size). You can print out a few flyers to stick up at your local indy music store or coffee house, or you can have Kinko's print you up a couple of thousand and hit the cars in the parking lot at a local club venue, rave, or concert.

We do request that you always ask permission before posting flyers anywhere. We don't want you to get into trouble (or get us into trouble...).

We should have the files available for download here soon. In the meantime, if you're interested you can email & we'll send them to you.

Put a MACCA Radio Plug in your Email Signature

Almost every email program lets you add a "signature" to the bottom of all of your outgoing emails. Some of our community members have added a brief mention of MACCA Radio along with our web address to their signature. Below are some examples of simple sigs that can be used, but please feel free to be creative as well:

- Check out my favorite radio station: MACCA Radio -
- Come chat with me and other fans on the MACCA-Chat -
- Bored? Tune in and enjoy some great tunes! MACCA Radio -

In Outlook Express, you can do this by clicking "Options" and then the "Signatures" tab.

Put a MACCA Radio Banner on your Website or Blog

All you need to do is choose which size banner you'd like, copy the html code, and paste it onto your site.

Code: Select all
<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" border="0"></a>

Use a MACCA Radio Sig on your favorite Forum/Bulletin Board.

You can copy the below text [bb code] to use a MACCA Radio sig on forums you frequent. Using sig promotional items is by far one of the greatest ways to promote MACCA Radio. This sig should work on most forums, such as phpBB & vBulletin boards with no problems.

Code: Select all
[b]Support MACCAradio & MACCAcentral with a [url=]Donation[/url] Today ![/b]

Embed MACCA Radio player into your website

Copy and paste the code below, it will automatically start MACCA Radio when the page is loaded. To disable autostart, all you have to do is change the Autostart variable from "1" to "0" in both places in the code below.
Code: Select all
<object id=MMPlayer1
height=65 width=250 align=absmiddle classid=CLSID:22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95>
<param name="FileName" value="">
<param name="ShowControls" value="1">
<param name="ShowStatusBar" value="1">
<param name="ShowDisplay" value="0">
<param name="DefaultFrame" value="Slide">
<param name=”PlayCount” value="1">
<param name="Autostart" value="1">
<embed src=""
width=250 height=65 autostart=1 loop=0 align="absmiddle" type="application/x-mplayer2"
showcontrols=1 showdisplay=0 showstatusbar=1 > </embed></object>
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