Need a Part-time journalism gig for your resume ?

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Need a Part-time journalism gig for your resume ?

Postby Mike » Fri Jun 03, 2005 2:39 pm

MACCAradio and highlights from MACCAnews will be soon available via podcast on my new site See more on this below.

I desperately need someone who can write copy, news scripts for me on a regular basis. Basically for any news item relating to Paul and the Beatles. These scripts will be used for MACCAnews reports on MACCAradio and on-demand in MACCAcentral and available via MACCApodcast. There will be no money involved but credit will be given accordingly. If you know of anyone who perhaps is a student or has a journalism background, and wants to add something real on their resume, please tell them to email me Original show ideas and content will be accepted and upon approval will get airplay. No voice overs experience is required but that would be an asset from time to time. All this can be done by simply reading the articles on MACCAnews or elsewhere and condensing them down, then submitting them to me. You will have access to a private portion of the site where this can be done. A perfect gig for a fan with a little background in journalism and some free time available. I just cannot do it all by myself anymore.

What is MACCApodcast ? Simply, podcasting is for internet content what TIVO is for TV. Files such as audio, video, pictures and software updates can be pushed to computers if and only if the persons chooses to subscribe. Once subscribed show content will be automatically downloaded into your computer, then you can listen there or sync up with any compatible MP3 player and listen in your car or anywhere you can take your player. MACCApodcast will naturally be Paul and Beatle related material such as news and trivia. Podcasting is the next huge internet revolution.

Unlike email you can't stop someone sending you email once your address is out there, you can block if you know the source but you can't stop it. The user has TOTAL control of what Podcasts you want, there is no way to force content unless you decide to receive it, subscribe.

For more details, visit

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Have you considered...

Postby jgkojak » Thu Jul 07, 2005 3:10 pm

Having Mp3 spots from Macca fans on the site--

What if we could submit:

--Maccaradio identifiers (i.e. YOU"RE LISTENING TO MACCARADIO) as creatively as possible

-- 1-2 minute (maximum) audio spots- people could do something creative:
-do a comparison/contrast between genres of Paul songs (i.e. let's examine Paul's great belt-it-out songs, from Oh Darling to Shake a Hand)
-review a Macca album
-reviews from fans who have attended the tour
-Samples of unique individual cover versions of Macca tunes

You would have ultimate ability to decide what does and does not get aired-- but having some of us fans provide even the station id spots would make things interesting!
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