Thanks Mike, for the great music & for Macca-Central!

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Thanks Mike, for the great music & for Macca-Central!

Postby sunnyskies » Mon May 09, 2005 12:43 am


I have been watching your work for a few months now, and I'm thoroughly impressed at how you juggle so many different hats & responsibilities!! I have even been worried about you lately, as I know how much the pace has picked up -- and gee, one person can only do so much, you know?!

I think you are doing a totally terrific job on Macca-Central (as always), and I am so thrilled that I finally tried MaccaRadio. I had no idea what I was missing before!! It is so enjoyable to work on my computer & my studies with good MACCA Radio playing in the background!

I'm one of these people who can get into awful ruts sometimes, like getting too busy with life to enjoy the "simple things" like special music. And, I had forgotten how much I truly treasure listening to any Beatles music -- together or solo, as they are absolutely the best! I also enjoy Badfinger, Rusty Anderson, Mike McGear, & Jeff Lynne's music.

Thanks for the news & concert updates & everything else that you do for us MACCA Fans!!

Can I hear some more of you guys "give Mike a big hand"?! I think he really deserves some thanks from us. sunnyskies (Paula in Texas)
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Postby Lazarus_2 » Mon May 09, 2005 6:50 am

Yes, this is easily the best macca site of the WWWeb.

Great job Mike, you have my thanks.
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Postby HeyJude » Mon May 09, 2005 6:22 pm

Let me join in - I guess Macca-Central is just flat out my fave site on the whole net (I hear it's quite a big place y'know :D ). Many thanks to Mike for running this and Macca-Radio, I wouldn't even try to estimate the amount of work & time & money put into it.
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