some problems....

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some problems....

Postby macca-fanna » Sun Jun 06, 2004 9:50 am

when I post something, nearly always appears 'server couln not be found' though it has been postet.
and when I'm posting a private message it seems like the PC is still working, though this message has been sent a couple of times already...
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Postby Mike » Tue Jun 08, 2004 9:26 am

I know with the tour, MACCA-Central is being swamped by visitors litterally dozens every seconds. Because the site is dynamic there is a lot of database accessing going on for forums, news, photos etc. This site is extensive, not just MACCA-Forums, so at any give minutes there are 60 to 150 people accessing various sections of MACCA-Central. The success of this site is limited by the zero operation budget it has.

I have no idea of the computer at your end or your internet connection, with a modem, this may get a little overwhelming when the site is being accessed at it's peak.

I have taken a great many measures and expense to keep this site running as efficient as possible. Unforutunely even though I ask for donations, I don't get any. So, I'm stuck with the busiest McCartney fan site on the web and all the expenses to deal with myself. There have been a few people who contributed a little over the years but it is obvious I don't have the resources of Paul McCartney so we must be happy with what we have.

It may seem a lame excuse but them are the facts. As you already know I am always installing new features so to increase the quality and efficiency of this site. Your feedback is very valuable to me so please don't let me discourage you from commenting. I need to hear where there is problems so I can evaluate the problem and find a solution expidiciously.
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