Site updates: Home Page, Lyrics/Chords/Tabs Macca & Beatles

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Site updates: Home Page, Lyrics/Chords/Tabs Macca & Beatles

Postby Mike » Fri May 06, 2011 7:47 pm

Well I think I've got a navigation menu that I'm happy with now. Seems to be much more cross browser compatible. Changed the look of the home page to a wider viewing as are many newer websites. Sorry for those still using 640 x 480 resolution with an old browser.

Top Featured (latest) story has been enhanced now and Facebook likes and Twitter links added for easy sharing.

I'm also working on a FaceBook Connect engine so you would be able to login with your MaccaCentral login or FaceBook ID. Maybe another month or so for that yet.

I've been working very hard on lyrics/chords/tabs for McCartney and all the Beatles as well. After looking at a few of those tab sites, I decided to change everything using chordpro format and I've written my own code to read and display that format. Even looking at the chords and generating chord images on the fly. This will eliminate improper spacing for a chord above a lyric.

I will have a help guide of the chordpro format so anyone could send in their tabs and they can easily get posted. I'm contemplating having multiple versions of each song and rating them or just the correct version as per The Beatles Complete Scores (Hal Leonard). We'll see. Just have a few details to work out of how to present The Beatles, probably just alphabetical order song name.
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Re: Site updates: Home Page, Lyrics/Chords/Tabs Macca & Beat

Postby chris » Fri May 06, 2011 7:57 pm

looks good, mike. :-BD
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