My Defense

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My Defense

Postby Derek70 » Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:28 am

I'm really trying. I learn to socialize by observing others...and what you see from me on the boards is what i learned from the world around me. I was diagnosed with Aspegers sydrome. I was never able to be independant i was told by several people that i was a borderline retard. I only had one chance to have a real relationship with a woman, but that was nipped in the bud by her mom. If the people on the board really knew me how my friends i met in person (and on MySpace) knows me then they wouldnt be so judgemental.
One of the big reasons why i go on message boards is to make friends.
My late stepdad's brother is gay. he struggles between his God and his homosexuality. Being a Christian, i believe that we're all born with a spiritual "Achilles' Heel", if you will, One of those "Achilles' Heels" is homosexuality. We all have our weakness'. I was never against Elton for being gay. he's one of my fav singer/songwriters of the 70s.
I saw some of Elton's interviews, he can be very "tounge & cheek" (if i'm using the term correctly) about his sexuality. Thats what i was being. Howcome when they do it, its funny, but when i do, i'm a bigot. James dont know me, why do you judge me? Did anyone EVER on this board ever try to find me on MySpace? NO! Why, cause they just dont care.
If anyone wants to really know me, without making snap judgements about me, please try to find me on MySpace My name is Derek Roberts. I'll even send you a link and plaese send others a link:
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Re: My Defense

Postby jgkojak » Wed Oct 07, 2009 11:20 am

Hi Derek-

My son has Aspergers and my career is working with people with Autism and developmental disabilities.

One thing you may want to check out-- Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism:

They have a huge national town hall forum coming up and I believe Dallas is one of the sites.
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