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Re: Banish Lennon's "Woman is the..."

Postby JumpinJoe49 » Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:16 pm

jjs wrote:
linclink wrote:
JumpinJoe49 wrote:I say lets start a "Censorship" of.......jjs................... :shock:

You know in all of the places I've posted over the last few years JJS is the one person who I've actually had to thanks I'd rather not converse with you" to. The thing IS, I suspect, that folks like him just love to come here & see if they've stirred someone up. I've certainly read enough responses where people are unhappy with his behavior here. Maybe it's subconscious, maybe not- then it is even more sad. The main thing is that he is what, and who, he is, and that dosen't seem like a very happy or inviting take a pause & imagine the sort of energy & people he attracts to his life (if any) THAT deserves compassion. And I am serious about this. He really deserves compassion first & foremost.
However...some folks here get along fine with him, and bravo for that. I'm sure he can use that. If you REALLY want to do some good in this regard...I'd suggest doing what I've done...just let him know you don't want anything to do with a dialogue with him, and then just ignore him. There are too many great things in life to waste your time on such matters. I dally here as part of my procrastination issues...and my Beatles obsession of course...but passing along a little advice on how to handle such ilk is about the end of the time I'd like to spend with such things. So the best you can do is, IMHO, is simply let him know you don't find his behavior something you'd like to engage with & then ignore him. Blessings!!

Sure. It's an inviting place. It's an inviting place as long as one limits oneself to never-ending McCartney knob-polishing and ass-kissing, and as long as one doesn't stray too far from safe, mind-numbing forum topics such as "What's your favorite Wings Album." Then it's wonderful. Try entering into a conversation about your ideas why Paul has spent the majority of his career as a punching bag for many critics, his former writing partner, and many Beatles fans.

I'll tell you this: Several years ago, I happened to find an online Beatles chat. It was one of my first experience with online chat rooms. A woman in the chat continuously asserted that George Harrison "sold more albums" than Paul McCartney. "That's not true" I said. "Paul sold more albums in the 70's than all the rest of the solo Beatles combined." She insisted I was making it up, and continued to vehemently assert that George Harrison sold more albums than Paul McCartney, and any other ex-Beatle. After a few hours of this maccafan-line nonsense, I emailed her chart positions and sales figures and such, and a web link where she could verify the information. She was away for a few minutes. She came back, called me a few choice names, then a few more choice names, and then signed off. I wondered how could anyone, who claimed to be a Beatles fan could be so horribly uninformed. The fact is, she wasn't uninformed or misinformed... she wasn't interested in the facts, or forming opinions based in facts. she loved George, and wanted to gush about his accomplishments, and so she saw things exactly the way she wanted to see them. She wasn't particularly happy to have her bubble burst, and called me every name in the book for my trouble. But I suspect she's still out there... telling anyone who will listen how George Harrison sold more albums than Paul McCartney.

I will never enable, placate, celebrate, tolerate or back down from stupid people like this woman, even though they are in abundance. If you don't like my opinions, challenge them intelligently. If I've recalled a fact incorrectly, let me know. That's why I'm here. If you can't do either, please DO ignore me, because it means that you "think" like that stupid, gushing irrational woman, and you're just out to start a shitting contest. I'm all too happy to oblige.

Game over...................jjs is THE BIGGEST ***censored***............... ^:)^
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