In the Beginning (Circa 1960)

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In the Beginning (Circa 1960)

Postby Brainwashed » Sat Dec 29, 2007 11:08 pm

Released: May 4th, 1970
Label: Polydor

Side one
1. "Ain't She Sweet" (Ager/Yellen) (vocal: John Lennon) – 2:10
2. "Cry for a Shadow" (George Harrison/John Lennon) (instrumental) – 2:22
3. "Let's Dance" (Lee) (by Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers) – 2:32
4. "My Bonnie" (traditional) – 2:06
5. "Take Some Insurance On Me, Baby" (Hall/Singleton) – 2:52
6. "What'd I Say" (Ray Charles) (by Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers) – 2:37

Side two
1. "Sweet Georgia Brown" (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard) – 2:03
2. "When the Saints Go Marching In" (traditional) – 3:19
3. "Ruby Baby" (Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller) (by Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers) – 2:48
4. "Why" (Compton/Sheridan) – 2:55
5. "Nobody's Child" (traditional) – 3:52
6. "Ya Ya" (Dorsey/Robinson) (by Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers) – 2:48

In the Beginning (Circa 1960) is the first consolidated American packaging of the 1962 German album by Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers (also known as The Beatles with Pete Best) called My Bonnie. It was recorded at Hamburg in 1961. This album was originally released as The Beatles' First in Germany in 1964 and in the United Kingdom in 1967. Previous American releases of this material in LP form was split in 1964 between MGM Records and Atco Records. Polydor Records established its United States branch in 1969 which explains why this package was released much later in The Beatles' history. Most of the tracks feature vocals by Sheridan. All subsequent releases of Sheridan/Beatles/Beat Brothers material are simply repackages of the same tracks. This album is available in a slightly altered CD by Polydor without the inaccurate (Circa 1960) subtitle and with both parts of "Ya Ya". Only part one of that track was released on this LP.

Triva: In the Beginning (Circa 1960) is also the only Beatles album available for download on the iTunes Store.
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Re: In the Beginning (Circa 1960)

Postby Corvair » Tue Apr 08, 2008 6:03 pm

It should be noted that the tracks credited to Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers do not feature the Beatles, or at least not all of them. The most obvious difference is that there is a different drummer on the Beat Brothers tracks, and he's good.
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Re: In the Beginning (Circa 1960)

Postby wildlife74 » Fri Aug 08, 2008 3:50 pm

I consider this to be a Beatles album in disguise--it's fun and different than their debut record, and may represent their early sets, but this is a time when they we're really more a less a featured back-up band.

If they cut an actual album of these songs around this time I think it would be much stronger than this release, and rawer with some more Lennon/McCartney and even Lennon/Mccartney/Harrison songs.

Who would have produced it other than George Martin...mmm?
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