REVIEW: "LLP 16mm Film Print" Shea - Beatles (MC 1 DVD)

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REVIEW: "LLP 16mm Film Print" Shea - Beatles (MC 1 DVD)

Postby Beatle Bob » Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:33 pm

REVIEW: "LLP 16mm Film Print" (Shea) Beatles –Beatles (MC 1 DVD)

By Beatle Bob

The Beatles At Shea Stadium has always been a favorite or mine, as well as most fans - for the documentation (in color) of the Beatles historic concert in 1965 from the NY Mets’ Shea Stadium. We’ve tolerated lousy 16mm prints and savored the pristine first generation source clips used in Anthology and still scratch our heads as to why Apple hasn’t released a remastered version to the public. Now, we finally have the closest thing.

A while back when Misterclaudel touted they have an improved 16mm print of The Beatles At Shea Stadium in the offering, I still wasn’t convinced their online trailer (issued for comparison) was enough. I was skeptical; was it just color corrected? It did whet my whistle enough to acquire a copy. This new print though, is not the full TV broadcast version including the intro by Arthur Fiedler, etc. It’s just the concert. In my opinion, it’s the most preferable way to present it here.

Contents as follows:

01. An introduction

“LPP” l6mm PRINT Digital Tele-Cine
02. Introduction
03. Twist And Shout
04. I Feel Fine
05. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
06. Ticket To Ride
07. Can't Buy Me Love
08. Baby's In Black
09. Act Naturally
10. A Hard Day's Night
11. Help!
12. I'm Down

13. introduction
14. Twist And Shout
15. She's A Woman
16. I Feel Fine
17. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
18. Ticket To Ride
- Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (snippet)
19. Can't Buy Me Love
20. Baby's In Black
21. Act Naturally
22. A Hard Day's Night
23. Help!
24. I'm Down

25. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
26. Baby's In Black
27. I'm Down

28. Misterclaudel trailer for upcoming product

29. Introduction by Ed
30. I Feel Fine
31. I’m Down
32. Act Naturally
33. Ticket To Ride
34. Yesterday
35. Help!

I don’t think their information is accurate in terms of this “LLP” print being a 2nd generation negative of a 16mm film used for 35mm projection. It was more likely the other way around. No matter. This print is a much needed find. Color saturation is the closest yet to Anthology. Print is extremely clean. Remarkably it doesn’t show much dust, speckles, and scratches as one would expect from a 45 year old print. It’s a high generation dub. For once a Misterclaudel DVD doesn’t have many issues with artifacts, ghosting or drop-out as in the past. They also did the right thing in syncing the mono soundboard to this new print. It possesses a rougher sound giving an edge to their performance. Until Apple gets around to releasing a remastered Shea --this one now is the place holder.

Continuing on with the disc, I wasn’t keen on the “Rebuilt” version. It uses multiple audio (stereo and mono) and visual sources. It plays way too loud with some slight volume fluxuations. I couldn’t watch it more than once. Noble try.

The “Stereo” versions are taken from Anthology (“Baby’s In Black,” “I’m Down”) with “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” taken from the music video issued to promote Anthology. These are nice to have in one place.

The Ed Sullivan performance from 1965 is issued here in stereo. I could have been excited except it was already done in stereo by Mirror Spock. I guess this was included to round out their NY appearances that August. Though it sounds good and looks good too.

If you’re looking for the definitive version of The Beatles At Shea-- you have found it with this DVD from Misterclaudel. This one is highly recommended and comes with the Beatle Bob “stamp of approval.”

Beatle Bob

(Next up: MC's Beatles - Come to Town and Hobnail's The Empire Strikes Back)
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