REVIEW: ABRACADABRA - (Audiofon Music) 2 CDs

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REVIEW: ABRACADABRA - (Audiofon Music) 2 CDs

Postby Beatle Bob » Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:53 pm

REVIEW: Beatles "ABRACADABRA - The story of Revolver in words and music!" - (Audofon Music AF014/AF015) 2 CDs


By: Beatle Bob

Just before I left for a much needed vacation I was able to secure this latest release from the Audiofon Music label, another branch of the Yellow Dog. Originally advertised as part of their other sister label's upcoming releases (His Master's Choice) it was issued in packaging exactly like HMC's releases with two CDs on the inside cover of the hardback book. Liner notes are 103 pages and taken word for word from the website They give credit to this source on the first page. This type of packaging makes up for the lack of seemingly new material presented on the CDs, but I don't believe that collector's will fork out hard earned money for great packaging each time if the contents contained on the CDs aren't new or a major upgrade. If they continue in this fashion believe I believe it would be a horrible business tactic for a company issuing factory pressed discs for what's left of that now limited collector's market.

I have to admit though, these CDs are interesting. Overall I'm not a fan of 5.1 type extractions as they aren't true multi-tracks the way the Beatles laid them down on to tape. What I have acquired of song extractions were always scattered songs from different albums. For me they warranted one pass overall then I'd forget about them. What I do like is this covers seemingly the entire album. I do wish they would have put each song's extracts back to back instead of breaking them up and scattering them through 2 discs. It would have had more of a multi-track sessions feel. I guess I'll rearrange the track order on my iTunes library. But this does give you some insight into the recording layers of each song.

This is not an essential title to own, but one for curiosity. The next time they issue a title with extractions like this I'd hope they'd think twice before issuing it, as collectors (including myself) might not buy it.

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